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Pollution Report of China Steel Industry, 2007

Published: Oct/2007

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Iron and steel industry is known for waste emission. In 2006, steel production in China broke through 400 million tons, taking almost 1/3 that of the global total. Steel production capacity in 2007Q1 rose by 22.3% year-on-year. Now, the added value of iron and steel industry accounts for 3.14% of the GDP. Meanwhile, the emission of industrial waste water, industrial dust and SO2 has reached 10%, 15% and 10% respectively that of the national total industrial waste, which shall by no means be ignored when considering the issue of environmental protection.

SO2 emitted from sinter machine takes 50% above that of total emission of iron and steel industry. China now has 400 sets of sinter machine, in which 1/3 more are still at a backward level and there are only 57 advanced sets. During the 11th Five-Year period, as stipulated in targets emission of SO2 to ease pollution, 12 iron &steel companies and 14 sinter machines have to desulfurize. After that the emission of SO2 will decrease by over 100,000 tons. 

Electric power company of steel and iron industry its own consumes more than 60 million tons of coal annually and emit 40% SO2 that of the iron and steel industry total, which obviously breaks the emission standard. After all measures of desulfurization have taken, SO2 emitted is supposed to decrease by 400,000 tons or more.

Small iron and steel enterprises lack necessary equipment to treat pollutants, and they inevitably violate the law now and then. Industrial dust and SO2 emitted per ton of steel from them is several times that from large steel and iron companies. Chinese Government has targeted to eliminate 100 million tons of iron and 55 million tons of steel out of backward techniques. By this means, SO2 emitted can be reduced by about 400,000 tons.

The overall equipment and production technique is still not that advanced nowadays. Competitive equipment takes up about 50% that of gross production capability. Water used and waste water emitted per ton of steel takes the high end. Meanwhile, the technology of sewage treatment still lags far behind the world's advanced level.


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