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China Lead-Acid Storage Battery Industry Report, 2007

Published: Dec/2007

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With the development of relevant industries and the increase of investment of global battery manufacturers after China's accession to WTO, the lead-acid storage battery industry in China has developed rapidly with an annual growth rate of over 30%. Meanwhile, with the continuous growth of the demand in global market, China has also become one the largest lead-acid storage battery export countries in the world.

The technology of maintenance-free and sealed storage battery has achieved great progress after more than 20 years' development, and the lead-acid storage battery has been widely used in such fields as transportation, military national defense, solar PV generation, wind generation, communication power source, railway, ship communication, and UPS power supply etc. The technology improvement has driven the rapid development of storage battery indsutry, which makes it become one of the sunrise industries. However, the price of lead, the main raw materials of lead-acid storage battery, rose dramatically since the second half of 2004, the profit of lead-acid storage battery industry declined.

From the prospective of patent technology application in China, the defense line of the overall technology development of stroage battery indsutry is the battery structure improvement and battery type development. However, the patent technology in other countries mainly involves in the sealed battery with module structure, and colloid electrolyte lead battery. Therefore, the gap still exists to some extent.

There are about 1500 lead-acid stroage battery manufacturers in China, and the output increases rapidly at a pace of about 20% annually. The output of lead stroage battery in China accounts for 1/3 in the world, playing an important role in the international market.

With the rapid improvement of lead-acid stroage battery technology, the traditional lead-acid stroage battery is evolving towards the new stroage battery, such as the sealed and maintenance-free stroage battery, via the improvement and modification. Meanwhile, the lead-acid stroage battery export also has showed rapid growth in China, due to its low price.

Import and Import Growth of Lead-Acid Atroage Battery, 2000-Jun, 2007

 Source: China Customs

The import of lead-acid stroage battery showed an increasing growth in 2000-2006, though it declined a bit in 2005 with an import of 20.32 million units, down 5.39% year-on-year. In 2006, China's import of lead-acid stroage battery was 23.15 million units in 2006, up 13.96% from a year earlier. The import amounted to 5.55 million units in Jan.-Jun. of 2007.

Export and Export Growth of Lead-Acid Storage Battery, 2000-Jun, 2007

 Source: China Customs

The export has increased since the year of 2000, from 36.90 units to 1.78 billion units in 2006 with an annual growth rate was 30%. The export volume increased to USD 11.47 billion from USD 1.82 billion in 2000, and the annual growth rate was 36%.


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