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China Wood Products Manufacturing Industry Report, 2007

Published: Jan/2008

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The wood products manufacturing industry, as one of the most important export industries in China, has developed rapidly since the year of 1994. It has become the key investment objective for Taiwan- and Hong Kong-based enterprises gradually, and most of the wood products are for export. The year of 2004 witnessed a dramatic increase of real estate demand in China, and then the wood products manufacturing industry was also embraced huge domestic demand. Owe to the strong demand of real estate in the future, the international and domestic demand would jointly promote the rapid development of China's wood products manufacturing industry.

Output and Growth Margin of Artificial Board in China

Source: Wind Info


Output and Growth Margin of Furniture in China

Source: Wind Info

The wood products manufacturing industry mainly concludes three sub-industries, that is, artificial board manufacturing industry, wood furniture manufacturing industry and wood flooring manufacturing industry.

Currently, the low capital requirement and technology barrier of wood products manufacturing industry in China has caused rampant competition in the market. However, the leading companies in some professional and specific segmented markets have grown up, and the concentration of the industry is forming. Due to the global industrial adjustment, China's wood products manufacturing industry has obtained huge development potential.

This report is on the basis of a large amount of information issued and provided by National Bureau of Statistics, General Administration of Customs, State Forestry Bureau, and Ministry of Commerce, etc. It researches the status quo, competition layout, relevant policies, and development trend of China wood products manufacturing industry in China.

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