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China Building Materials Industry Report, 2004-2005

Published: Sep/2005

Hard Copy  USD $ 1,500
Pages: 130 Electronic(PDF)  USD $ 1,650
Report Code: Enterprisewide  USD $ 2,500

The report sums up the development of the global and Chinese building materials industries in 2004. Through accurate data and full elaboration, it describes the structure of China's building materials industry and competition situation in the industry from various angles. Meanwhile, it presents assessment of major enterprises' business strategy and competitiveness.

The report especially points out the following: In 2004, the government's macro control, and the adjustment of industry policy produced impact on some enterprises in China's building materials industry. However, the industry still maintained stable growth on the whole, with steady growth in the output and sales revenue. The micro-economic environment and investment environment of the industry looks rosy. Due to low industry concentration, competition is very intense in the industry. The industry structure is not really rational. The excessive production capacity of low-end products coexists with the insufficient production capacity of products with high added value.

After probing into main factors affecting the development of China's building materials market in the next few years, the report conducts qualitative and quantitative forecast of the development trend of the industry, and presents thorough analysis of the industry's investment value. Finally, it provides development strategy and recommendations for the government, enterprises and investors.

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