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As a leading independent provider of China business intelligence, ResearchInChina also offers new member intelligence service, including news and charts for both companies and industries, for better meeting diverse information needs of businesses, institutions and professional investors worldwide. This service covers chart and data for Manufacturing industry (including sectors like Automotive, Chemical, Energy, Machinery, Materials, Metals & Minerals) and Public Sector (Environment, Finance Service, Infrastructure, Logistics, Tourism, Training, etc), and is updated daily. For old customers and new comers, we provide free trial service for the first month.

>Latest updates
We update it daily with 10-30 new items, and you can extract the exact information required.
>Navigate with Saved Searches
You can find the data just you need in one or two charts, which is more refined and effective for your search.
>Defined Industry
You can choose the sectors you are involved, which is economically saved.
>Free Trial
For old customers and new comers, we provide free trial service for the first month. Please contact us directly for the free account.
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