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China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd. is a financial institution which is engaged in corporate, institutional and personal banking sectors in China. The Bank offers four categories of businesses: corporate business, which is operated through six divisions such as real estate financial division, energy financial division, transportation financial division, metallurgy financial division, minor enterprise financial division and trading financial division; retailing business, providing loans, deposits, bank cards, credit cards, wealth management services, investment services, agency fund products, foreign exchange trading, money changing services and private banking business, among others; capital business; as well as electronic banking business.
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Formally established on January 12, 1996 in Beijing, CMBC is the first national joint-stock commercial bank with shares mainly from non-public enterprise. It is also a joint-stock financial company founded strictly in line with "Company Law" and "Commercial Bank Law". With the involvement of various economic sectors in China's banking industry and the implementation of standard modern enterprise system, CMBC displays its differences from the state-owned banks and other commercial banks and thus attracts increasing attention from economic and financial circles both at home and abroad. As a testing ground for the reform of China's banking sector and for 14 years, CMBC has committed itself to reform and entrepreneurship, and continuously expanded its business. With the expanded scale and year-by-year increasing efficiency, it has maintained rapid and healthy development momentum and made a positive contribution to the promotion of innovation and reform in China's banking sector.

On December 19, 2000, A-shares of CMBC (600016) were listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. On March 18, 2003, 4 billion of convertible bonds of CMBC were officially traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. On November 8, 2004, CMBC successfully issued subordinated bonds of 5.8 billion yuan, becoming China's first commercial bank privately offering and successfully issuing subordinated bonds in national inter-bank bond market. On October 26, 2005, CMBC succeeded in completing the share reform, becoming the first commercial bank to complete share reform, providing a model for China's capital market reform. On November 26, 2009, CMBC was listed on Hong Kong Exchanges. Standing at a new historical starting point, CMBC sets its market position of "working for private enterprises, small & micro-enterprises, high-end customers", actively promotes adjustment in management structure and organizational system and business structure, and the construction of technology platform, as an effort to achieve the second take-off, i.e. becoming a featured bank and a bank with high efficiency, and aims for bringing customers and investors greater value and return.

Since it went public, and according to the development approach of "forging ahead in unity, innovating, investing in human capital; performing strict management, standardizing market behavior, being dedicative and abiding by the law; emphasizing quality, promoting efficiency, and developing healthily," CMBC has being carrying out a useful exploration in terms of reform, development and management. It has launched a "Big Focus" technology platform, "Two Rates" evaluation mechanism, "Three Cards" project, an independent evaluation system, and eight basic management systems. CMBC lays its focus on the innovation of business models and business institutional reform. It has achieved strategic objectives of low-risk, fast growth, and high efficiency, and set up the new image of the commercial banks full of vigor and vitality.

By the end of 2009, CMBC had maintained the leading domestic level with total assets up to 1,426.392 billion, total deposits, 1,127.938 billion, total loans (including discount), 882.979 billion yuan, net profit, 12.104 billion yuan, and non-performing loan ratio of 0.84%.

By December 31, 2009, CMBC had set up 29 branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Dalian, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang, Chongqing, Xi'an, Fuzhou, Jinan, Ningbo, Chengdu, Tianjin, Kunming, Suzhou, Qingdao, Wenzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Changchun, Hefei, Nanchang, and Shantou. Besides, it had set up a representative office in Hong Kong and the total number of bodies is as many as 434.

CMBC'S rapid development has won it intensive attention and high recognition from the public and industry in China. In 2004, CMBC ranked 18th in "China's Most Vigorous Enterprises Award", winning the "China's Most Vigorous Hundred Enterprises in 2004"; in 2005, CMBC ranked 22nd in "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises"; in the selecting activities for "Financial Entities in 2005", CMBC won the title of "Best Internet Bank in 2005"; CMBC ranked first in "Top 100 Listed Companies in 2006," and it took the first place in the lists for market and the social contribution; in November 2007, CMBC won the honorary title of "Top Ten Chinese Banks" with the first financial and monetary brand value in 2007, and "Best Trade Finance Bank Award" held by "21st Century Business Herald" and other institutions in the same year; in December 2007, products and business of CMBC's "Extraordinary Finance" won it "Innovation Excellence Award for the China's Banking" and "Best Personal Finance Brand of China's Banking"; in April 2008, CMBC won the "Best Board" Award in the fourth "Golden Round Table Award" for board of directors in China's listed companies; in July 2008, CMBC won the third place in "China's Most Vigorous Hundred Enterprises in 2008"; in 2009, CMBC won the "Best Small & Micro-business Service Award" on the first list of financial and monetary value; in May 2009, CMBC won the "China Trade and Financial Achievement Award" held by "Asian Banker"; in November 2009, CMBC won the "Best Risk Management Bank in Asia in 2009" and "Financial Services of Small & Micro-enterprises Innovation Award for 2009" in the annual Asian financial meeting of the 21st century; in December 2009, CMBC was honored "the private bank with best service", "Best Retail Bank in 2009", "Best Marketing and Service Team Award for 2009" and "The Most Admired Bank Award for 2009"; in 2010, CMBC won "Outstanding Board Award" in the sixth "Golden Round Table Award" for board of directors of listed companies; in May 2010, CMBC was awarded "Best Trade and Finance Bank" by the British "Financial Times".

In addition, CMBC is also enjoying increasing worldwide popularity. The well-known American financial magazine "Forbes" listed it the seventh in "China's Top Ten Companies". In December 2007, CMBC won the third "Asia-Pacific Region's 50 Largest Listed Companies" award issued by "Forbes". In the "China's Commercial Bank Competitiveness Report in 2008", the core competence of CMBC ranked the sixth, and the first in two individual evaluation of corporate governance and process. In the 1000 world ranking banks with tier one capital announced in "Banker" of the UK, CMBC ranked No. 197, No. 20 in Asia, and No. 8 in the Mainland.

Over the past ten years and with heartfelt gratitude, staff of CMBC has kept on returning the society with the best service. Particularly in recent years, CMBC has been more actively participating in public undertakings and showed increasing commitment to social responsibility, which have won wide public and media attention and high praise. In October 2005, CMBC took part in "Large-scale China Tour for Poverty Alleviation" organized by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, and donated 31 million yuan as "people's livelihood, education, poverty alleviation fund"—so far the largest public donation from private enterprises. In 2006, CMBC financed 14.5 million yuan as free broadcast TV advertising for poverty-stricken counties in the Central TV, introducing national audience to their local products, natural and cultural landscape. In 2006, CMBC won the "China Tour for Poverty Alleviation Contribution Award for 2005", honorary title of "China's Most Respected Enterprises", and "China's 100 Outstanding Business Awards" in the survey of corporate social responsibility. In March 2007, CMBC was nominated the "China's Charity Award for 2006"; in 2008, CMBC has won "Special Award for China's Poverty Alleviation in 2007" issued by Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, "Annual Public Enterprise" and "Corporate with the Most Social Responsibility Award" in a row. In October 2007, CMBC was promulgated by the SAI's SA8000 system of international certification organization (i.e., corporate social responsibility management system), and became the first commercial bank in China's financial field to pass this certification. In 2009, CMBC won the highest government award—"China Charity Award for 2009".

With responsibilities, plain ideals, and lofty dreams, CMBC has never stopped in its public investment, particularly during the snowstorm inflicting the south in 2008 and Wenchuan earthquake, and for poverty alleviation, education, cultural, and arts. In June 2009, it was listed in " 50 Hoogewerf Social Responsibility Companies in 2009"; In August 5, 2009, CMBC was selected on the card index of social responsibility; in September 2009, it won "Special Award for Corporate with Social Responsibility in China", and the "Special Award for China's Corporate Social Responsibility" and "Excellent Example of Corporate Social Responsibility in China".

In February, 2007, board of directors of CMBC adopted the "Five-Year Development Program of CMBC". This programme symbolized the repositioning and strategic transformation of CMBC after ten years of rapid development. It was the first systematic, comprehensive planning and outlined the development vision, operational indicators and implementation modalities for the future three to five years. In 2009, CMBC set about inspection and diagnosis for the existing management system, further rationalizing various production relations that may influence the management of its branches and divisions, completing optimal design for the management support system, and laying a basis for a comprehensive bank building process. The new core system development has basically completed after four-year effort, and some projects are already on line. The restructuring of CMBC's banking system will be in full swing, covering all operational aspects of the bank. In 2010, CMBC will take the listing of H-shares as a new starting point, strive to create greater value for shareholders, and to make greater contribution to social progress and development.

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