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We provide three types of company-oriented report catered to diversified business need, namely, in-depth report, credit report and financial report. These reports include 380,000 Chinese enterprises which involve in various industries, such as machinery, electronics, software, medicine, consumer goods, food & beverage, logistics, etc. Each type contains following content:


ResearchInChina has initially produced a selection of companies across a range of industries, mainly focusing on top 100 companies in each sector. For example,


Company list

Goods & General

Top 100 Chain Enterprises in China, 2010


Top 100 Auto Parts Companies in China, 2011H1

Life Science

Top 100 Drugstores in China,2010-2011

Technology and Media

Top 100 Electronic Components Enterprises in China, 2010


How to Purchase?
To apply for purchasing such company scan research,please download and fill out the order agreement, and indicate which company you need to study, then send it to . Our sales representative will contact you as early as possible.


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