CNFC Overseas Fishery Co.,Ltd.(000798.SZ)
Registered Capital:
319.46(RMB MLN)

Introduction from Google Finance
CNFC Overseas Fishery Co.,Ltd is principally engaged in the fishing, as well as the storage, transportation, distribution, import and export of ocean marine products. The Company鈥檚 fish products primarily include squids and tuna. During the year ended December 31, 2009, the Company supplied approximately a total of 19,955 metric tons of fish, including 7,035 metric tons of Argentinean squids, 4,667 metric tons of Peruvian squids, and 8,253 metric tons of tuna. The Company is also involved in ship repairing, medicine, restaurant services and others.
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Revenue Breakdown (million RMB)
Fishing income123.01**********
Sales revenue21.33**********
Ship repair revenue20.84**********
Restaurant revenues1.67**********
Pharmaceutical industry--**********
Ship repair--**********
Ship repair services************
Catering service************
Pharmaceutical industry************
Ship repair************
In foreign countries74.85**********
Introduction from Company WebSite

CNFC OVERSEAS FISHERY CO., LTD. is a quoted stock company which mainly undertakes the operation of overseas deep-sea fishing industry and relevant industries, as well as the cooperating development of international economy and technology. 
Initiated by the comprehensive fishery enterprise with the largest scale and strongest strength in china-china national fisheries(group) corporation, this company was established in the End of 1997, under the approval of the china securities supervision committee. The registered capital of the company is rmb 252 million Yuan. the share A stock of the company was listed at shenzhen securities exchange in January. 1998(the stock in named “zhongshuiyuye” with the code of 000798). In the End of 1999, the total company asset of the company was rmb 1.12 billion Yuan. an the net asset was rmb 930 million Yuan. At present, the company has three branches, one subsidiary of sole equity and one with share in china, eleven solely owned companies, joint venture companies an offices abroad, mainly located at the countries an areas such as southeast Asia, Oceania, southwest Africa, Latin America and usa. 
The main business currently done by the company includes overseas fishing, product processing, storage, trade of aquatic products, the import and export of the material used in fishing such as fishing boats and fishing machinery and fishing gears, external cooperation of economic technique and labor service and so on.The company owns fifty-seven overseas fishing vessels an carriers of various types, mainly distributed at north pacific, south Atlantic ocean, Indian ocean an southwest pacific ocean, doing oceanic fishery producing and operating all the year round. The primary products operated by the company at present are the marine products and processed products of Pollock, squid, shrimp, tuna and so on. 
Under the solicitude and support of our friends of various circles, cnfc overseas fishery co.,ltd.achieved great development after its establishment. In the coming 21 century, our company shall forge ahead with keen determination and unceasing innovation, contributing to the society with more sea foods, repaying the investors with better business performance in accordance to the strategy of “taking the overseas fishery as foundation,extending and developing the relevant industries, launching into the new and high-tech fields energetically and steadily”,making full use of the enterprise spirit of “steady, perseverant, creative, excelsior”.  

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