Registered Capital:
964.41(RMB MLN)

Introduction from Google Finance
COFCO BIOCHEMICAL (ANHUI) CO., LTD, formerly Anhui BBCA Biochemical Co., Ltd., is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of biochemicals. The Company primarily provides fuel ethyl alcohol products and byproducts, citric acid products and byproducts, amino acid products and byproducts, as well as L-lactic acid products and byproducts, among others. The Company distributes its products in domestic markets and to overseas markets. As of December 31, 2010, the Company had eight subsidiaries and one associate, which involved in the manufacture and distribution of biochemicals, feedstuff raw materials and protein feedstuffs, the production and processing of edible oil, the production of condensed juice and railway transportation services.
Revenue Breakdown (million RMB)
Fermentation industry3555.81********
Fermentation products--********
Class fuel ethanol and its by-products************
Citric acid and other organic acids and related materials************
Amino acids and their by-products and other************
L-lactic acid and related materials************
L-lactic acid and its by-products************
Organic acids such as citric acid and by-products************
Ethylene oxide and related materials************
Other products************
In foreign countries651.92**********
Introduction from Company WebSite

Biochemical (AnHui) Co., Ltd.,(hereinafter called COFCO Biochemical) is one of the leading agricultural products processing enterprise in China, which is established on August, 28th, 1998, then I.P.O. in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 000930) on July, 12th, 1999. It locates in Bengbu, the so-called “Pearl City” along Huai River, with employees over 10, 000 people, and total assets at 7.2 billion RMB. Its major production base includes Citric acid, amino acid, fuel ethanol production lines and thermal power plant in Bengbu city, other bases outside Bengbu includes MaAnShan Biochemical, SuZhou Biochemical, COFCO Edible Oil, DangShan Pear Industry and a state level R&D center.

COFCO Co.,Ltd assumes the relative majority share(20.74%) of COFCO Biochemical from COFCO (Holding)Co.,Ltd. on Dec., 8th, 2006. COFCO Biochemical’s 2008 sales revenue is 4.8 billion RMB, in which, 130 million USD is from export.

with the proprietary technology of "low-temperature liquefaction, filtrate fermentation " and the world’s leading equipment, COFCO Biochemical processes 3 million tons corn per year, into fuel ethanol, citric acid, L-lactic acid, ethylene oxide, amino acids, fats, fruit juice, gluten meal, fiber feed and other products.

In the development of bio-energy and biochemical industries, manufacturing, R&D, Domestic and Abroad Sales systems are established and optimized step by step, our global sales networks are providing products and service to the customers all over the world, more and more well-known multinational companies are choosing our products.

Under the guideline of sustainable development, green production and cyclic economy, with advanced fermentation, separation and extraction technology, pollutant generation is minimized in the process, which benefits the following waste treatment process a lot, meanwhile, Methane, organic compound fertilizer, ammonia sulfate, protein, feed yeast and so on are produced through processing of waste water, waste residual effluent, and process waste water is discharged in code.


Along with consistent technical innovation and development of decade years, COFCO have been producing fuel ethanol, bio-ethylene and its derivatives, L-lactic acid and its derivatives, polymers, priding itself by the contribution to optimizing energy consumption structure, reliving petroleum shortage, environment protection, stabilizing agriculture development, increasing peasant incomes and the sustainable development.
Currently, renewable energy and bio-material development is consistently growing, COFCO Biochemical would prioritize non-grain bio-energy and bio-chemicals industries' development, i.e. using other biomass to produce ethylene, ethylene oxide and its derivatives, fuel ethanol, PLA and its derivatives, non-toxic plasticizers and other organic polymers, offering green and healthy products and the best value to the customer, shareholder and employee, aiming to be a leading force of COFCO in biochemical energy industries of China.


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