Yucheng Technologies Ltd(YTEC.NSDQ)
Introduction from Google Finance
Yucheng Technologies Limited (Yucheng) is a provider of information technology (IT), software, solutions and services to the People鈥檚 Republic of China鈥檚 banking sector. The Company develops and delivers a range of technology, through the Software and Solutions businesses. In addition to Software & Solutions, the Company also provides the Platform & Maintenance Services to the clients, which involves selecting, procuring and reselling third-party hardware equipment and software applications to the clients. It also involves monitoring and assisting in the installation of such equipment and software at clients鈥?sites, as well as assisting in the integration of the installed equipment with clients鈥?existing IT systems. The Company鈥檚 subsidiaries include Beijing Yuxinyicheng Technology Limited, Beijing Sihitech Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing e-Channels Century Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Easycon Electronics Limited and Beijing Yuxinhengsheng Information Technology Limited.
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