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On July 1, 2011, the International Settlement Documents Center of Agricultural Bank of China Limited (ABC) (601288.SH) officially operated. Mr. Pan Gongsheng, Executive Director and Vice President of ABC, conducted a site inspection of the center operation.

The official operation of the center is a milestone in the process of international business development of ABC, as well as takes a solid step toward the centralized processing of documents business across ABC. It is of great significance in improving intensive and professional management of the documents business of ABC (601288.SH), innovating operation and management mode of international business, optimizing business process and improving customer services.

Centralized processing of international settlement documents is a centralized bank operation mode by using modern information technology to make centralized review of documents under international settlement of branches and subsidiaries through video transmission. The International Settlement Documents Center of ABC independently developed the centralized international settlement processing system (GTS), and applied image scanning and workflow technology, and point-to-point processing mode. By doing so, it has unified business processing procedures and standards of ABC (601288.SH), and realized the transform of the operation mode of international settlement business from “distributed processing” to “centralized operation”.

In the future, the center will take over the documents businesses of all the branches step by step according to the business development needs and the actual situation of each branch, and ultimately realize the centralized processing of documents business of ABC (601288.SH).

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