Xinghui Auto Model Licensed To Make BMW Toy Cars

Date:2011-09-03     Source:hangmeilile  Text Size:

September 2 -- Xinghui Auto Model (300043.SZ) announced yesterday that its subsidiary, Rastar Hong Kong Industry (Rastar HK), acquired the licensing to produce and sell BMW remote-controlled and plastic toy cars from BMW Group, reports the Oriental Morning Post.

Rastar HK’s licensing agreement was effective yesterday and is valid until September 1 2017. It is the only licensed BMW remote-control and plastic toy car producer in the world, the report noted, allowing it to use the BMW trademark on its products.

Xinghui Auto Model, which is based in Shantou city, Guangdong province, expressed that it has signed a total of 26 brand licensing agreements to produce automatic model cars and toys.


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