Xinjiang Construction And Linyang Electronics Win Contracts

Date:2011-10-20houhaizhen  Text Size:

October 20 -- Xinjiang Urban Construction (Group) (RCode: 600545:) won a 789 million yuan contract to build one section of an expressway connecting Maigaiti to Kashi in Xinjiang, reports, citing a company filing. The construction period is 784 days.

Jiangsu Linyang Electronics (601222.SH) won 114.08 million yuan worth of contracts from Jiangsu Provincial Power Company Material Department and Jiangsu Tianyuan Electric Wire.

Linyang Electronics will supply 787,500 collectors worth a total of 94.1 million yuan, and 11,515 concentrators worth a total of 19.98 million yuan.

The products are to be delivered at around November 30.


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