Netin, Lenovo: Local PC market will grow by 20% this year

Date:2011-11-02yangliangyu  Text Size:

The local PC market will grow by 20% in 2011, to 700,000 units and a few more years will pass until the 2008 peak will be reached, with 1 million units, said Aurel Netin, the general manager of Lenovo Romania, according to Mediafax. We do not know how it grows, but figures we have registered show we are going towards that figure. Romania and Serbia are the only states in the area to have recorded growing sales in the PC market, said Netin, who is also the coordinator of Lenovo operations in Bulgaria and Moldova, at the ZF Digital 11 forum. He added that 50% of PC sales come from the consumer segment, 30-35% from small and medium companies and the difference belongs to large companies. Lenovo ranks second in the top of PC producers at international level. In 2005 the company purchased the PC division of IBM for 1.25 billion dollars.


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