2011 China (Hainan) International Tropical Agricultural Products Winter Trade Fair

   Date:2011-12-19     Source:puchangpingxyw

2011 China (Hainan) International Tropical Agricultural Products Winter Trade Fair was held in Haikou on December 12. It was the 13th of a MOA-organized exhibition series starting from autumn. Vice Minister Chen Xiaohua attended the fair and delivered opening remarks.

Chen stated that Hainan stands out in agricultural development in China. It enjoys an edge in specialty production and tropical farming.

Hainan plays a part in balancing the supply of VBP products. Winter production of vegetable crops moves on at a fast pace in the province, creating yearly increase of vegetable shipments to the north.

Nanfan breeding bases have contributed to accelerated emergence of new varieties. Nanfan bases are developed by crop breeding organizations. They make use of the favorable climate in Hainan to do researches.

Hainan is also strong in tropical cash crops. Its natural rubber production accounts for more than half of the national production.

Vice Minister emphasized that this Fair also aims to promote tropical modern agriculture and international tourisms in this island.

He encouraged participating businesses to strengthen cooperation, seek mutual benefits, and jointly work for agricultural and rural economic development in Hainan and stable agri-food market in the country.

There were also side events at the Fair, such as Forum on Brand Building and Modern Marketing of Agri-products.


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