Komatsu Receives Cumulative Orders for Shield Machines

   Date:2011-12-22     Source:puchangpingqulina

Komatsu Ltd. (President and CEO: Kunio Noji) has recently received an order for the TM634PMX shield machine from the China Railway 17 Bureau Group Co.,Ltd. for use in the construction of the No. 2 route of Wuxi City’s subway system. This unit represents the 100th order for shield machines from China on a cumulative basis.

The TM634PMX shield machine ready for shipment

In 2001, Komatsu established the Underground Machinery Division at Komatsu (China) Ltd., its regional headquarters in China. Since the receipt of the first order for an underground construction machine for the construction of the No. 4 route of Shenzhen City’s subway system, Komatsu has won 100 orders for shield machines in China in only 10 years.

For the last few years, China has made aggressive investment in the construction of subway systems in order to solve serious traffic jams in urban areas and improve urban infrastructure. Against this backdrop, a number of leading foreign manufacturers have entered the shield machine market in China. Since 1963 with the development of its first tunnel boring machine for use in bedrocks in Japan, Komatsu has consistently set the pace for technologies of the industry as a manufacturer of tunnel boring machines. Komatsu believes that it has won the recent order because of the customer’s expectation that its local sales, engineering and service personnel, with its superior expertise, would be able to respond to their needs in the best possible manner. In addition, Komatsu’s Quality and Reliability are substantiated by its technological developments over the years.

In China, Komatsu has delivered shield machines to 15 metropolitan cities, such as Shanghai, Wuxi, Nanjing, Beijing, Tianjin, Xian, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

The Chinese government has announced a large-scale investment plan to improve urban transportation infrastructure, centering on subway systems, before the end of 2020, and Komatsu anticipates expanding sales of underground construction machinery into the future.

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