Yunnan Built 30-million-square-meter Lithium Battery Separator Production Line

   Date:2014/10/16     Source:

Yunnan built 30-million-square-meter lithium battery separator production line, which would reduce our dependency on import of separator (the core part of lithium battery).

As a large producing country for lithium battery, China holds 1/3 of global capacity, but our separator material, the core part of lithium battery, still relies on import, especially, 100% of high-end lithium battery separator materials are imported from foreign countries.

Designed single-line capacity in this project is 2.5-3 times of that in other countries’ dry-process separator production line. The products own advantages in terms of product quality and cost, and fill China’s blank in separator’s online composite technology. In addition, the product has higher safety, longer cycling life, and better storage performance. Compared with traditional dry-process and wet-process separators, this separator can help electrolyte to be fully infiltrated and thus guarantee battery’s high cycling feature under low temperature.



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