China Establishes ACI of Auto Industry

China Association of Automobile manufacturers officially released Auto Climate Index of the country of the first quarter on June 13 under jointly guidance of several Chinese authorities including Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Bureau of Statistics, and China Machinery Industry Federation.
Based on the Index, the auto industry in China has showed some recovery from last year, remaining stable. There is a great possibility of improvement in the following days.
ACI includes Sentiment Index and Warning Index. "Sentiment" refers to various economic indicators related to the auto industry, which is collected by using the methods of time difference correlation analysis to select information and of international advanced synthetic index to build the climate index of auto industry in our country. And Warning Index is about fluctuation of economy of auto industry.
Insiders of CAAM stated that ACI would be released on a quarterly basis. Improvement of ACI may decrease bias of predict of Chinese authorities of auto industry.


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