90% Auto Companies have not achieved sales target, GWM’s target gap reaching about 80,000 units

Data released by CPCA shows that SAIC Volkswagen, BAIC Volkswagen and SAIC General Motors rank top 3 in terms of sales volume in the first half of 2016. SAIC Volkswagen wins champion of the domestic passenger vehicle market, with the sales volume reaching 970,000 units.
Top 10 auto companies, contributing for 56.7% of the market’s sales volume, have achieved growths in different degrees. However, few companies have reached their goals. For example, only Chana Auto in the top 10 companies achieved 50% of the annual sales target. GWM performs worst among the top 10, with the target gap reaching 77,200 units and target completion ratio achieving only 83.74%.
Reporters notice that Chana’s sales volume reaching 563,900 units in the first half of year, 150,000 units higher than the previous plan. But some experts believe that Chana only raises the annual target for 80,000 units in 2016, and the conservative goal has promoted the reaching of completion ratio to some extent.
Compared with other companies, three brands show great target gaps, which are SAIC General Motors, Dongfeng Nissan and GWM. Data shows that the above three companies have annual sales targets of 1.87m units, 1.08m units and 0.95m units respectively. Currently, their target completion ratios are 44.25%, 44.30% and 41.87%. Apart from the best-seller H6, H2, GWM’s other models are showing sales decreases to different degrees.


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