Global first open vehicle to vehicle vertical impact test was held this morning

On 10:40 am of August 5th, global first open vehicle to vehicle vertical impact test was held successfully in the crash lab of China Automotive Technology & Research Center, which is located in Tianjin. The vertical vehicle to vehicle impact test chooses Geely Emgrand GL models to crash with each other with speeds of 50km/h and 16.7km/h respectively.
Liu Yuguang, vice general engineer of CATRC, did a preliminary inspection on the crashed vehicles after the test. According to the overall conditions, he judged that the test was successful. Small distortion of car seat is able to provide space for driver and passengers’ survival. The cooperative effect of safety belt, air bag and seat could protect passengers and drivers and do the least harm. Besides, no fire or fuel leak appears after the crash. He also equipped 40 to 50 sensors on tested dummies to calculate the hurts by crash. Further tests and analyses are needed to show the results.
The final result of test will be published to society later. It’s learned that accident frequency in junctions rank second in domestic traffic accidents. Data shows accident frequency, injury rate, mortality rate and property loss rate are 37%, 37%, 25% and 24% respectively in side crashes. In Japan, accident frequency in junctions accounts for about 50% of total accidents. Toyota is developing V2X technology to decrease the accident frequency in junctions. The junction aid system will do great help in decreasing accidents and increasing driving safety.


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