4,440 public charging piles in Beijing will apply TOU tariff scheme

According to China’s National Development and Reform Commission’s Notice regarding the Pricing on the Tariff of Electric Vehicles, all the public charging piles for electric vehicles in Beijing that are powered by the grid of State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company will be charged based on peak-valley TOU tariff, effective from June 15th.
Under the peak-valley TOU tariff scheme, electricity will be charged at the rate of 1.0044 yuan / kWh between 10am to 15pm and 18pm to 21pm(peak time), 0.6950 yuan/kWh between 7am to 10am, 15pm to 18pm and 21pm to 23pm(plain time), and 0.3946 yuan / kWh between 23pm to 7am(valley time), while the rate of charging service will remain 0.8 yuan / kWh.
Before the implementation of the new scheme, electricity was charged based on a fixed rate of 1.2 yuan/ kWh.
According to the State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company, the new scheme only applies to the public charging stations for buses, taxis and sanitation vehicles and private charging piles will not be affected.
By now, the charging piles powered by the grid of the State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company that are currently operating totaled 4,440 units, including 3,098 dedicated ones and 1,342 public ones.


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