China’s Chery to Launch EV Arrizo 5 in 2016

There may be four platforms in Chery, one of leading automakers in China, for production of alternative energy vehicles including Arrizo 5.
Design of EV Arrizo 5 is reportedly like that of FV Arrizo 5. EV Arrizo 5, to be brought to the market this year, is equipped with an engine with power of 90 kW. But there is a logo identifying it as EV attached to the new mode.
Now, system and platform for research and development of alternative energy vehicles has been established in Chery, allowing for production of green vehicles.
And Chery has brought to the market green vehicles including eQ. Total sales of alternative energy vehicles were 14,100 units in 2015. And there will be three new modes of green vehicles, which include EV Arrizo 5 debuting on the Beijing Auto Show, PHEV Arrizo 7, and a mode of Mini EV, to be brought to the market in 2016, according to Gao Lixin, CEO of the company.


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