China’s DFLZ Aims at Larger Market Shares by Launching Seven-seat SX6

Dong Feng Liu Zhou Automobile Company (short for DFLZ thereafter), a subsidiary of Dong Feng Motor, one of leading automakers in China, has launched SX6, a new mode of seven-seat SUV, on July 24.
Price of the new product has been from 69,900 to 91,900 RMB yuan, targeting at segment of seven-seat passenger vehicles with price of 100,000 RMB yuan or less.
Reportedly, launch of SX6 may be the first step of improvement of all products of DFLZ. Products of brands including Lingzhi and Jingyi will be upgraded. There may be great development of products in DFLZ in the following years. And implementation of marketing strategy may encourage further development of modes of SUV and MPV.
Implementation of strategies, which may include further integration of value chain, introduction of new technology from Dong Feng Motor and development of brand value, may guarantee success of DFLZ in the market place.
Competitive advantages of SX6 including large space, great comfortability and high market accessibility, may ensure its promising sales according to Yao Liwen, vice general manager of the company. Monthly sales are expected to be more than 10,000 units, based on target annual sales of 45,000 units in 2016.
Sales of DFLZ were 135,000 units in the first half this year, with a yearly rise of 3.5%. And sales in 2015 were 253,000 units, increasing by 5%year on year. It turns out that DFLZ has achieved a slight but stable growth in sales in the past two years.


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