China’s Government: Online-hailing Service Has Gained Legal Status

Owners of private vehicles have been approved by the Chinese Government for providing online-hailing service by regulations released on the conference held on July 28, 2016.
There has been no requirement for agencies, who has the right of running online hailing service, that is to own vehicles for business, to encourage development of such service. And approvals issued by China’s provincial government will be qualified for agencies for providing service across the China.
The individuals who want to provide online-hailing service should prove that they should have no driving violation record. Thus, these so-called part-time drivers can decide whether to sign labor contracts with agencies. The approval issued by Chinesegovernmentwill no longer be an essential certificate for individuals who want to work as part-time taxi drivers. The Agencies they may cooperate with will apply for certificate for those part-time drivers.
Vehicles which can be used for such service shall be equipped with GPS and alarm device. The quality for these vehicles shall meet the essential safety requirements. Moreover, vehicles with seats more than seven will be forbidden to provide online-hailing service. For Vehicles that has been driven over eight years will be forbidden for providing such service. And vehicles with driving range of 60,000 kilometers should also quit such service.
Agencies should guarantee mutual rights of part-time drivers and passengers by their proper and lasting management. The service price shall be set under market price.
Notably, the Chinese Government may encourage private buses owners to provide online-hailing service, which may be great for environmental protection to some extent.


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