Chinese Customers Now Develop More Confidence in Chinese Brands

Improvement in quality of products may guarantee success of Chinese automakers in the market place, as American media has pointed out.
Sales of vehicles of high-end brands including Buick, Cadillac, Tesla, Lincoln and others, have increased considerably in the first five months this year, based on data from Chinese government. However, sales of vehicles of other American brands have dropped a lot.
It turns out that improving quality of products of Chinese automakers may be the key factor to the decrease in sales of vehicles of American brands. Great development in technology carried out by Chinese automakers has led to improvement in quality of products at lower cost. Customers in China now believe it good choice to buy vehicles of Chinese brands.
SUV now has been the most popular mode in the Chinese market. Sales of SUV launched by Chinese automakers have taken up 35% of market shares, more than that of foreign brandsthis year. Moreover, sales of electric vehicles of Chinese brands have been also more than that of foreign brands.
Total sales of vehicles of Chinese brands have been 24 million units while that of American brands have been only 17 units, leading to worry of managers in Ford and GM.
Taste of Chinese customers has been changing all the time. Automakers in America should not take it for granted that loyalty to vehicles of American brands might never fade.


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