Infineon creates the first motor controller prototype in China

Tongji University Chinese Deutsches Hochschulkolleg, Shanghai DAJUN Technogies, Inc, Infineon and Vector have announced that a motor controller prototype based on Infineon Aurix TC275 microcontroller and Vector AUTOSAR 4.0.3 has been developed by Tongji University Chinese Deutsches Hochschulkolleg. It is the first Autosar motor controller based on an AURIX microcontroller.
To achieve the technical goals modularity, scalability, transferability and re-usability of functions, AUTOSAR provides a common software infrastructure for automotive systems of all vehicle domains based on standardized interfaces for the different layers. Infineon, a leading semiconductor supplier, has wide experience in automotive semiconductors. MCAL Drivers: MC -ISAR underlying code from Infineon provided powerful support in the process. The data handling capacity is 1300DMips with 8M flash and 640 BSRAM, enabling it to meet the demands of the highest level of ASIL-D.
This project aims to provide software which meets the standard of AUTOSAR 4.0.3.

Source:China Daily

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