GM’s sales volume increases 5.3% during the previous six months, while market share decreases for a consecutive third month in China

GM published its global performance report recently, which shows its net profits for ordinary shareholders reaches USD 2.9b during 2016 Q2, increasing 157% with USD 1.1b in the same period of last year.
Mary Barra, Board Director of GM, said that, the excellent performance in Q2 is mainly resulted by the increasing wholesales volumes in US and the record-high sales volume in China. In fact, GM sold 18.1m units in China during the previous six months, increasing 5.3%. GM believes that the achievement is owned to the popular MPV, SUV and luxury models in China. Buick and Bao Jun have increasing sales volume of 40% and 78% respectively, offsetting the weaknesses of cars and small-size commercial vehicles in Chinese market.
But GM’s market share decreases gradually since Q4 in last year to 2016 Q4’s 13.3%, while the data reached 15.2% in 2015 Q3. Analysts believe that GM’s decreasing market share is related to its product line, along with the increasing market share of domestic independent brands.
Data from CAAM shows that independent brands sold 4.73m units’ vehicles in the first half of year, accounting for 42.88% of total passenger vehicles’ sales volume and increasing 1.35 percentage points with the same period of last year. At the same time, joint-venture brands are welcoming declining market shares. German brands, Japanese brands, American brands, Korean brands and French brands all had decreasing market shares in passenger vehicle market in 2015. Apart from Japanese brands’ rising market share from 14.94% of last year to 15.40% this year, other foreign brands all have declining shares.


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