Global and China High Performance Fiber Industry Report, 2013-2016
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High-performance fibers boast important strategic materials. Notably, aramid fiber, carbon fiber and high-strength PE fiber are the most widely applied high-performance fibers with the most impressive comprehensive performance. At present, China is still in the fledging stage when it comes to the application of high-performance fibers which witness a severe short supply. Spurred by government policies, China high-performance fiber industry is expected to keep a growth rate of 10%-20% in the forthcoming decade.

1. Aramid Fiber

Aramid fiber falls into meta-aramid and para-aramid, of which the former finds application in high-temperature filter material, firefighter uniform and insulted wear fields, while the latter gets used in safety protection, bullet-proof and material reinforcement fields, etc.

The worldwide aramid fiber capacities concentrate in a minority of businesses in the US, Japan and China. In particular, meta-aramid market is in a large part dominated by the US-based Dupont with the capacity accounting for 62.5%, while in the para-aramid market, Dupont and Japan-based TeiJin take a lion’s share in the world, with the proportion exceeding 80%.

Chinese aramid fiber industry develops later and demonstrates laggard production technology with products dominated by low- and medium-end series. In 2012, China’s meta-aramid output met the domestic market and some of the products were exported to other countries. Major meta-aramid producers in China include Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials, SRO Group, and Guangdong Charming, of which, the meta-aramid capacity of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials reached 5,600 tons/a, taking up the first place in China and the second place in the world. However, due to the technological restriction, China’s actual output of para-aramid is small, with the import dependence rate as high as around 70%.

2. Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber characterizes outstanding mechanical property and chemical stability but weak toughness, being widely applied in industry, sports goods, aviation and aerospace, etc. In particular, the demand for carbon fiber in industrial fields shows the most rapid growth, with the application proportion rising to 62.1% in 2012.

The global carbon fiber market features high market concentration, with capacities chiefly held by Japanese and American businesses. For example, small-tow PAN-based carbon fiber producers include Toray Industries, Toho Tenax and Mitsubishi Rayon, while large-tow PAN-based carbon fiber producers include Zoltek, and pitch-based carbon fiber producer mainly refers to KUREHA.

Recent years have seen rapid development of China carbon fiber industry, with the capacity in 2012 soaring to 14,500 tons. But carbon fiber products made in China are largely low-end products, thus, it sees a short supply of high-end carbon fiber products. In addition, carbon fiber production equipments of a great many of businesses are unstable, leading to a relatively low output in reality with the import dependence rate of carbon fiber as high as around 70%.

3. High-Strength PE Fiber

High-strength PE fiber features remarkable mechanical and anti-corrosion properties but poor heat resistance, being widely applied in rope mesh, safety protection, sports and leisure fields, etc.

As a kind of scarce materials in the world, high-strength PE fibers reached the annual demand approximating 50,000 tons, as opposed to its output of 10,000 tons at most. Thus, it is a big gap. Worldwide, high-strength PE fiber market is dominated by Holland-based DSM, Japan-based TOYOBO and America-based Honeywell, with the collective capacity making up 70% of the world’s total.

In 2012, the high-strength PE fiber capacity of China hit 12,200 tons, with major producers including Shandong TREVO, Surrey Hi-Tech and Ningbo Dacheng Advanced Material. However, China lags far behind when it comes to both the equipments and technologies for the production of high-strength PE fibers, with the actual annual output no more than 2,000 tons.

The report highlights:

20120114.gif development plans and demand forecast on China’s three major high-performance fibers during the 12th Five-Year Plan period;
20120114.gif supply & demand and competition pattern of world and China aramid fiber industry;
20120114.gif supply & demand, competition pattern, import & export, and development forecast of world and China carbon fiber industry;
20120114.gif supply & demand, and competition pattern of world and China high-strength PE fiber industry;
20120114.gif Operation, high-performance fiber business, and development forecast of world and China’s 15 high-performance fiber production businesses.

1. Overview of High-Performance Fiber Industry 
1.1 Overview
1.2 Classification 
1.3 Performance 
1.4 Industrial Features 
1.5 Development Planning 

2. Aramid Fiber Industry 
2.1 Overview 
2.2 Meta-Aramid
2.2.1 Global Market 
2.2.2 Chinese Market 
2.3 Para-Aramid
2.3.1 Global Market
2.3.2 Chinese Market

3. Carbon Fiber Industry 
3.1 Overview 
3.2 Classification & Application 
3.3 Global Market 
3.3.1 Competition Pattern 
3.3.2 Supply & Demand 
3.4 Chinese Market 
3.4.1 Supply
3.4.2 Demand 
3.4.3 Development Prediction 
3.5 Import & Export 
3.5.1 Carbon Fiber 
3.5.2 Other Carbon Fiber Products 

4. High-Strength PE Fiber Industry 
4.1 Overview 
4.2 Application 
4.3 Global Market
4.4 Chinese Market

5. Major Foreign Companies
5.1 DuPont
5.1.1 Profile 
5.1.2 Operation 
5.1.3 Business Performance of Safety & Protection
5.1.4 Aramid Fiber Business 
5.1.5 Business in China 
5.2 TeiJin
5.2.1 Profile
5.2.2 Operation
5.2.3 Carbon Fiber Business 
5.2.4 Aramid Fiber Business
5.2.5 Business in China
5.3 Toray Industries
5.3.1 Profile
5.3.2 Operation
5.3.3 Business Performance of Carbon Fiber Division 
5.3.4 Carbon Fiber Business
5.3.5 Business in China
5.4 Zoltek
5.4.1 Profile
5.4.2 Operation
5.4.3 Carbon Fiber Business
5.4.4 Development of Carbon Fiber Business 
5.5.1 Profile
5.5.2 Operation
5.5.3 Business Performance of Advanced Material Division
5.5.4 Carbon Fiber Business
5.6 DSM
5.6.1 Profile
5.6.2 Operation
5.6.3 Business Performance of High-Performance Material Division 
5.6.4 High-Strength PE Fiber Business 
5.6.5 Business in China 

6. Leading Enterprises in Mainland China
6.1 Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Operation
6.1.3 Revenue Structure 
6.1.4 Gross Margin 
6.1.5 R&D
6.1.6 Aramid Fiber Business 
6.1.7 Prediction & Outlook 
6.2 SRO Group
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Aramid Fiber Business
6.3 Guangdong Charming
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Aramid Fiber Business
6.4 Sinosteel Jilin Carbon 
6.4.1 Profile
6.4.2 Operation 
6.4.3 Revenue Structure
6.4.4 Gross Margin 
6.4.5 Clients & Suppliers 
6.4.6 Carbon Fiber Business 
6.4.7 Prediction & Outlook
6.5 Jilin Qifeng Chemical Fiber
6.5.1 Profile
6.5.2 Operation 
6.5.3 Revenue Structure 
6.5.4 Gross Margin 
6.5.5 Output & Sales 
6.5.6 Selling Price 
6.5.7 Carbon Fiber Business 
6.5.8 Prediction & Outlook
6.6 Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber
6.6.1 Profile 
6.6.2 Carbon Fiber Products 
6.6.3 Operation 
6.6.4 Development of Carbon Fiber Business 
6.7 Sinotex Investment & Development
6.7.1 Profile
6.7.2 Operation 
6.7.3 Revenue Structure
6.7.4 Gross Margin 
6.7.5 Clients 
6.7.6 High-Strength PE Fiber Business
6.7.7 Prediction & Outlook
6.8 Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd
6.8.1 Profile
6.8.2 Operation 
6.8.3 Revenue Structure 
6.8.4 High-Strength PE Fiber Business
6.8.5 Aramid Fiber Business
6.8.6 Prediction & Outlook
6.9 Shanghai Surrey Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.
6.9.1 Profile
6.9.2 High-Strength PE Fiber Business
Classification of High-Performance Fiber 
Performances of Fibers of All Varieties 
Three Major Kinds of High-Performance Fibers 
Demand for Three Major Kinds of High-Performance Fibers in China and Growth Rate, 2013-2020E 
Development Planning of Three Major Kinds of High-Performance Fibers in China during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period 
Performance & Application: Meta-Aramid vs Para-Aramid 
Capacities of Meta-Aramid Producers Worldwide and Their Plants, 2012 
Application Structure of Meta-Aramid Worldwide, 2012 
Capacities of Meta-Aramid Producers in China, 2012 
Meta-Aramid Producers Worldwide and Their Plants, 2012 
Meta-Aramid Producers in China and Their Plants, 2012
Application Structure of Para -Aramid in China, 2012
Production Flow of PAN-Base Carbon Fiber 
Classification of Carbon Fiber Products by the Number of Each Bundle of Carbon Filament
Categories and Main Application of Carbon Fiber and Carbon Fiber Composite 
Capacity of Worldwide Carbon Fiber Producers by Carbon Fiber Tow Capacity, 2012 
Worldwide Carbon Fiber Capacity and Growth Rate, 2008-2012 
Worldwide Carbon Fiber Demand and Growth Rate, 2008-2012 
Application (%) of Carbon Fiber Worldwide in Three Leading Field, 2012 
China Carbon Fiber Capacity and Growth Rate, 2008-2012 
Major Carbon Fiber Producers in China, and Their Capacities, 2012 
Planned and Ongoing Carbon Fiber Projects in China, 2013 
China’s Demand for Carbon Fiber and YoY Growth, 2008-2012 
Carbon Fiber Consumption Structure in China, 2012 
Supply & Demand in China Carbon Fiber Industry, 2012/2015 
Carbon Fiber Consumption Structure in China, 2012/2015/2020
China’s Import & Export Volume of Carbon Fiber, 2009-2013 
Average Import & Export Prices of Carbon Fiber in China, 2009-2013 
Import Sources of Carbon Fiber in China by Import Volume, Jan.-Aug., 2013 
Export Destinations of Carbon Fiber in China by Export Volume, Jan.-Aug., 2013
Import & Export Volume of Other Carbon Fiber Products in China, 2009-2013 
Average Import & Export Prices of Other Carbon Fiber Products in China, 2009-2013
Import Sources of Other Carbon Fiber Products in China by Import Volume, Jan.-Aug., 2013
Export Destinations of Other Carbon Fiber Products in China by Export Volume, Jan.-Aug., 2013
Application Fields and Use of High-Strength PE Fiber 
Worldwide High-Strength PE Fiber Producers and Their Capacities, 2012 
Chinese High-Strength PE Fiber Producers and Their Capacities, 2012
Net Sales and EBITDA of DuPont, 2010-2012 
Sales of DuPont by Business Division, 2012 
Sales and Operating Profit from Safety & Protection Business Division of DuPont, 2010-2012 
Sales % from Safety & Protection Business Division of DuPont by Product, 2012 
Sales % from Safety & Protection Business Division of DuPont by Downstream Market, 2012
Sales % from Safety & Protection Business Division of DuPont by Region, 2012
Capacities of Aramid Fiber of DuPont, 2012 
Net Sales and Operating Profit of TeiJin, FY2008-FY2012
Sales Structure of TeiJin by Business Division, FY2012 
Carbon Fiber Subordinates under TeiJin
Carbon Fiber Application Fields of Toho Tenax
Aramid Fiber Capacities of TeiJin, 2012 
Net Sales and Net Income of Toray Industries, FY2009-FY2013
Sales Structure of Toray Industries by Business Division, FY2013 
Net Sales and Operating Profit from Carbon Fiber Business Division of Toray Industries, FY2009-FY2013
Sales from Carbon Fiber Business of Toray Industries by Application Field, FY2011-FY2013
Sales Structure from Carbon Fiber Business of Toray Industries by Application Field, FY2011-FY2013
Development of Carbon Fiber Capacity of Toray Industries, 2013-2015E 
Net Sales and Operating Profit of Zoltek, FY2008-FY2012
Sales % of Zoltek by Product, FY2010-FY2013
Sales % of Zoltek by Region, FY2010-FY2012
Sales and Operating Profit from Carbon Fiber Business of Zoltek, FY2008-FY2012
Sales and Operating Profit from Pre-oxygen-carbon-fiber Wire and Special Carbon Fiber
Business of Zoltek, FY2008-FY2012
Net Sales and Net Income of KUREHA, FY2009-FY2013
Sales % of KUREHA by Business, FY2011-FY2013
Sales and Operating Profit from Advanced Material Business Division of KUREHA, FY2009-FY2013
Sales of Main Products of Kureha’s Advanced Material Business Division, FY2011-FY2013
Sales of DSM Dyneema Business, 2010-2012 
High-Strength PE Fiber Capacity of DSM and Locations, 2012 
Revenue and Net Income of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials, 2008-2013 
Revenue of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials by Product, 2011-2013 
Revenue % of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials by Product, 2011-2013
Revenue of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials by Region, 2011-2013 
Revenue % of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials by Region, 2011-2013
Gross Margin of Main Products of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials, 2009-2013 
R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials, 2010-2012 
Capacity Development of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials’ Main products
Output and Sales Volume of Main Products of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials, 2011-2012 
Revenue and Net Income of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials, 2012-2016E
Main Technical Parameters of Aramid Fiber of SRO Group’s X-FIPER
Main Technical Parameters of Aramid Fiber III of Guangdong Charming 
Revenue and Net Income of Sinosteel Jilin Carbon, 2008-2013 
Revenue of Sinosteel Jilin Carbon by Product, 2011-2013
Revenue Structure of Sinosteel Jilin Carbon by Product, 2011-2013
Revenue of Sinosteel Jilin Carbon by Region, 2011-2013 
Revenue Structure of Sinosteel Jilin Carbon by Region, 2011-2013 
Gross Margin of Sinosteel Jilin Carbon’s Hit Products, 2011-2013 
Revenue Contribution of Sinosteel Jilin Carbon’s Top Five Clients, 2011-2013 
Name List and Revenue Contribution of Top Five Clients of Sinosteel Jilin Carbon,  H1 2013 
Name List and Procurement Contribution of Top Five Suppliers of Sinosteel Jilin Carbon, 2012 
Revenue and Net Income of Jilin Shen Zhou Carbon Fiber, 2012-2013
Revenue and Net Income of Jiangcheng Carbon Fiber, 2012-2013 
Revenue and Net Income of Sinosteel Jilin Carbon, 2012-2016E 
Revenue and Net Income of Jilin Qifeng Chemical Fiber, 2008-2013 
Revenue of Jilin Qifeng Chemical Fiber by Product, 2010-2012 
Revenue % of Jilin Qifeng Chemical Fiber by Product, 2010-2012 
Gross Margin of Jilin Qifeng Chemical Fiber’s Major Products, 2008-2012 
Output, Sales Volume and Output-Sales Ratio of Jilin Qifeng Chemical Fiber, 2009-2012 
Sales Volume of Major Products of Jilin Qifeng Chemical Fiber
Average Selling Prices of Hit Products of Jilin Qifeng Chemical Fiber, Procurement Price of Acrylonitrile and Price Differences, 2009-2012 
Average Selling Prices of Hit Products of Jilin Qifeng Chemical Fiber, 2010-2012  
Revenue and Net Income of Jilin Qifeng Chemical Fiber, 2012-2016E 
Major Products of Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber
Application Fields of Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber’s Major Products 
Major Operation Indicators of Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber, 2008-2009 
Revenue and Net Income of Sinotex Investment & Development, 2008-2013 
Revenue of Sinotex Investment & Development by Product, 2011-2013
Revenue Structure of Sinotex Investment & Development by Product, 2011-2013
Revenue of Sinotex Investment & Development by Region, 2011-2013
Revenue Structure of Sinotex Investment & Development by Region, 2011-2013 
Gross Margin of Hit Products of Sinotex Investment & Development, 2011-2013 
Revenue Contribution % of Sinotex Investment & Development’s Top Five Clients, 2011-2013 
Name List and Revenue Contribution of Sinotex Investment & Development’s Top Five Clients, H1 2013 
Revenue and Net Income of Sinotex Investment & Development, 2013-2016E
Revenue and Net Income of Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company, 2008-2013 
Revenue of Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company by Product, 2011-2013 
Revenue Structure of Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company by Product, 2011-2013 
Revenue of Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company by Region, 2011-2013 
Revenue Structure of Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company by Region, 2011-2013 
Revenue and Net Income of Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company, 2013-2016E
Development of High-Strength PE Fiber Business of Jiangsu Softray

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