Global and China Aramid Fiber Industry Report, 2016-2020
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Aramid fiber is a kind of high-tech special fiber, and therefore has stable chemical properties and perfect mechanical properties, widely used in aerospace, IT (information technology), national defense, automobiles, and among other fields.

In 2015, the global aramid fiber capacity totaled 147 kilotons (up 2.5% year on year), some 70% of which came from the United States and Japan. In contrast, China accounted for a small portion of the total capacity, at less than 15%. In recent years, as breakthroughs are made in para-aramid fiber related technologies, China’s aramid fiber capacity has grown rapidly, up 10.7% year on year to 21 kilotons (up 10.7% year on year)in 2015. In future, propelled by the rapid growth in downstream demand, the capacity will continue to increase. We expect that the capacity will reach 23 kilotons in 2016 and approach 35 kilotons in 2020.

The major global aramid fiber producers include DuPont, Teijin, Hyosung, Kolon, Huvis, Kamenskvolokno, Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials, X-FIPER New Material, and China BlueStar Chengrand Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry, etc. Due to the industry’s higher technical barrier, the market is mainly dominated by the international giants like Teijin and DuPont. Among them, DuPont has retained its leading position for years with a market share of around 50%, and Teijin over 20%.

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At present, there are mainly three kinds of aramid fiber products on the market: aramid fiber1313, aramid fiber1414, and aramid fiber III.

Aramid fiber1313 is the first developed and most widely used aramid fiber product. In 2015, the capacity of aramid fiber1313 in China reached 16 kt/a, up 10.6% year on year, accounting for 75.4% of the total aramid fiber capacity. The Chinese producers are mainly Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials and X-FIPER New Material, both of which represented an aggregate market share of about 80% in 2015.

Aramid fiber1414 is a synthetic fiber with the highest strength and properties superior to aramid fiber1313. In 2015, China’s aramid fiber1414 capacity came to 5.1 kt/a, making up 24.4% of the total aramid fiber capacity. At present, the Chinese companies suspended the production except Yantai Tayho Advanced Materialsand China BlueStar Chengrand Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry, a situation that resulted from the fact that they had to import main raw materials, thus leading to higher prices of products. Even worse, the prices of imports have in recent years continued to decline, so that the weaker domestic players like Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company Limited (YCF) and Shenzhen Selen Science & Technologyfailed tosecure benefits and chose to shut down.

Aramid fiberIII, one of lightweight, high-strength materials with best combined properties, has been widely used in national defense and military industry. Therefore, most countries regulate it as strategic materials, and related technologies are not allowed to be revealed or transferred. Currently, only China BlueStar Chengrand Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry in China can mass produce aramid fiberIII, but with an annual capacity of less than 100 tons.

At present, the Chinese aramid fiber products, mostly the traditionalaramid fiber1313, are mainly used in such fields as high temperature resistantfilter materials and safety & protection. But aramid fiber1414 and aramid fiberIII have less application. With good performance, aramid fiber1414 and aramid fiberIIIare likely to be increasingly applied in automobiles, aviation, ships, and environmental protection in the future.

Global and China Aramid Fiber Industry Report, 2016-2020is primarily concerned with the following:
20120114.gifMarket size, market structure, competitive landscape of aramid fiber (including meta-aramid fiber and para-aramid fiber) worldwide;
20120114.gifSupply and demand, competitive landscape, import & export of aramid fiber markets in China;
20120114.gifSupply &demand, import & export, competitive landscapeof meta-aramid fiber and para-aramid fiber markets in China;
20120114.gifAramid fiber application in downstream sectors including high temperature resistant filter materials,tire cord, aerospace materials, automotive materials, protection materials, aramid fiber paper, and marine materials;
20120114.gifOperation, aramid fiber business, development in China of 5 global and 13 Chinese aramid fiber producers.

1 Overview of Aramid Fiber
1.1 Overview
1.2 Meta-aramid Fiber
1.3 Para-aramid Fiber
1.4 Development Planning

2 Global Aramid Fiber Market
2.1 Overview
2.1.1 Market Size
2.1.2 Competitive Landscape
2.2 Meta-aramid Fiber
2.2.1 Market Size
2.2.2 Market Structure
2.2.3 Competitive Landscape
2.3 Para-aramid Fiber
2.3.1 Market Size
2.3.2 Market Structure
2.3.3 Competitive Landscape

3 Chinese Aramid Fiber Market
3.1 Supply & Demand
3.1.1 Supply
3.1.2 Demand
3.2 Market Structure
3.3 Import & Export
3.4 Competitive Landscape
3.5 Summary

4 Chinese Meta-aramid Fiber Market
4.1 Supply & Demand
4.1.1 Supply
4.1.2 Demand
4.2 Import & Export
4.2.1 Total Volume
4.2.2 Price
4.2.3 Structure
4.3 Competitive Landscape

5 Chinese Para-aramid Fiber Market
5.1 Supply & Demand
5.1.1 Supply
5.1.2 Demand
5.2 Import & Export
5.2.1 Total Volume
5.2.2 Price
5.2.3 Structure
5.3 Competitive Landscape

6 Downstream Applications of Aramid Fiber
6.1 High Temperature Resistant Filter Materials
6.1.1 Application of Aramid Fiber in the Field of High Temperature Resistant Filter Materials
6.1.2 Market Overview
6.2 Tire Cord
6.2.1 Application of Aramid Fiber in the Field of Tire Cord
6.2.2 Market Status
6.3 Aerospace Materials
6.3.1 Application of Aramid Fiber in the Field of Aerospace Materials
6.3.2 Market Overview
6.4 Automotive Materials
6.4.1 Application of Aramid Fiber in the Field of Automotive Materials
6.4.2 Market Overview
6.5 Protection Field
6.6 Aramid Paper
6.7 Optical Cable Reinforced Materials
6.8 Sports Equipment & Materials
6.9 Marine Materials
6.10 Others

7 Global Major Aramid Fiber Producers 
7.1 DuPont
7.1.1 Profile
7.1.2 Operation
7.1.3 Operation of Protection Technologies Segment
7.1.4 Aramid Fiber Business
7.1.5 Business in China
7.2 Teijin
7.2.1 Profile
7.2.2 Operation
7.2.3 Operation of Advanced Fibers & Composites Segment
7.2.4 Aramid Fiber Business
7.2.5 Business in China
7.3.1 Profile
7.3.2 Operation
7.3.3 Operation of Industrial Materials Segment
7.3.4 Aramid Fiber Business
7.4 Others
7.4.1 Huvis
7.4.2 Hyosung

8 Chinese Major Aramid Fiber Producers
8.1 Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.
8.1.1 Profile
8.1.2 Operation
8.1.3 Revenue Structure
8.1.4 Gross Margin
8.1.5 R & D
8.1.6 Aramid Fiber Business
8.1.7 Aramid Fiber Composites Business
8.1.8 Forecast & Outlook
8.2 Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company Limited (YCF)
8.2.1 Profile
8.2.2 Operation
6.2.3 Revenue Structure
8.2.4 Gross Margin
8.2.5 Aramid Fiber Business
8.3 Shenma Industry Co., Ltd.
8.3.1 Profile
8.3.2 Operation
8.3.3 Revenue Structure
8.3.4 Gross Margin
8.3.5 Aramid Fiber Business
8.3.6 Forecast & Outlook
8.4 Shenzhen Selen Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
8.4.1 Profile
8.4.2 Operation
8.4.3 Aramid Fiber Business
8.5 X-FIPER New Material Co., Ltd
8.5.1 Profile
8.5.2 Aramid Fiber Business
8.6 Guangdong Charming Co., Ltd.
8.6.1 Profile
8.6.2 Aramid Fiber Business
8.7 Suzhou Zhaoda Specially Fiber Technical Co., Ltd.
8.7.1 Profile
8.7.2 Aramid Fiber Business
8.8 China BlueStarChengrand Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry
8.8.1 Profile
8.8.2 Aramid Fiber Business
8.9 Hebei Silicon Valley Chemical Co., Ltd.
8.9.1 Profile
8.9.2 Aramid Fiber Business

9 Chinese Major Aramid Fiber Composite Producers
9.1 Xiamen Savings Environmental Co., Ltd.
9.1.1 Profile
9.1.2 Operation
9.1.3 Revenue Structure
9.1.4 Gross Margin
9.1.5 R & D
9.1.6 Aramid Fiber Composites Business
9.1.7 Forecast & Outlook
9.2 Yichang Hedali Composite Materials Co., Ltd.
9.2.1 Profile
9.2.2 Aramid Fiber Composites Business
9.3 Wuxi Boton Technology Co., Ltd.
9.3.1 Profile
9.3.2 Operation
9.3.3 Revenue Structure
9.3.4 R & D
9.3.5 Aramid Fiber Composites Business
9.3.6 Forecast & Outlook
9.4 Qifeng New Material Co., Ltd.
9.4.1 Profile
9.4.2 Operation
9.4.3 Aramid Fiber Composites Business
Category of Aramid Fiber Products
Performance Comparison between Aramid Fiber III and Aramid Fiber 1414
Synthetic Methods of Meta-aramid Fiber
Downstream Applications of Meta-aramid Fiber
Performance Comparison between Para-aramid Fiber and Other High-strength Fibers
Downstream Applications of Para-aramid Fiber
China’s Demand for Three Main High-performance Fibers and Growth Rate, 2015-2020E
Global Aramid Fiber Capacity, 2014-2020E
Global Aramid Fiber Capacity Structure (by Product), 2015
Competitive Landscape of Global Aramid Fiber Market, 2016
Global Meta-aramid Fiber Capacity, 2014-2020E
Capacities and Factory Distribution of Global Meta-aramid Fiber Production Enterprises, as of June 2016
Global Meta-aramid Fiber Demand Structure (by Field), 2015
Competitive Landscape of Global Meta-aramid Fiber Market, 2016
Global Para-aramid Fiber Capacity (by Product), 2014-2020E
Production Base Distribution of Global Major Para-aramid Fiber Production Enterprises
Global Para-aramid Fiber Demand Structure (by Field), 2015
Competitive Landscape of Global Para-aramid Fiber Market, 2016
China’s Aramid Fiber Capacity, 2014-2020
China’s Aramid Fiber Capacity Structure (by Product), 2015
Chinese Major Aramid Fiber Producers and Related Capacities
China’s Aramid Fiber Output, 2011-2020E
China’s Aramid Fiber Apparent Consumption, 2011-2020
China’s Aramid Fiber Apparent Consumption Structure (by Product), 2015
China’s Aramid Fiber Demand Structure (by Field), 2015
China’s Aramid Fiber Import & Export Volume, 2011-2016
China’s Aramid Fiber Import Volume Structure (by Product), 2011-2016
China’s Aramid Fiber Export Volume Structure (by Product), 2011-2016
Competitive Landscape of Chinese Aramid Fiber Market, 2015
China’s Meta-aramid Fiber Capacity, 2014-2020E
China’s Meta-aramid Fiber Output, 2011-2020E
China’s Meta-aramid Fiber Apparent Consumption, 2011-2020E
China’s Meta-aramid Fiber Demand Structure (by Field), 2015
China’s Meta-aramid Fiber Import & Export Volume, 2011-2016
China’s Meta-aramid Fiber Import & Export Price, 2011-2016
China’s Meta-aramid Fiber Import Volume Structure (by Country), 2015-2016
China’s Meta-aramid Fiber Export Volume Structure (by Country), 2015-2016
China’s Meta-aramid Fiber Import Volume Structure (by Province/City), 2015-2016
China’s Meta-aramid Fiber Export Volume Structure (by Province/City), 2015-2016
Competitive Landscape of Chinese Meta-aramid Fiber Market, 2016
China’s Para-aramid Fiber Capacity, 2014-2020E
China’s Para-aramid Fiber Output, 2011-2020E
China’s Para-aramid Fiber Apparent Consumption, 2011-2020E
China’s Para-aramid Fiber Demand Structure (by Field), 2015
China’s Para-aramid Fiber Import & Export Volume, 2011-2016
China’s Para-aramid Fiber Import & Export Price, 2011-2016
China’s Para-aramid Fiber Import Volume Structure (by Country), 2015-2016
China’s Para-aramid Fiber Export Volume Structure (by Country/Region), 2015-2016
China’s Para-aramid Fiber Import Volume Structure (by Province/City), 2015-2016
China’s Para-aramid Fiber Export Volume Structure (by Province/City), 2015-2016
Competitive Landscape of Chinese Para-aramid Fiber Market, 2016
Chinese Major Aramid Fiber Composite Production Enterprises
China’s Demand for Aramid Fiber in the Field of High Temperature Resistant Filter Materials, 2014-2020
Performance Comparison between Main High Temperature Resistant Filter Materials
Chinese High Temperature Resistant Filter Materials Market Size, 2010-2020E
Chinese High Temperature Resistant Filter Materials Application Structure, 2015
Main Application Cases of Aramid Fiber in the Field of Tire Cord
Global Tire Cord Market Size, 2013-2020E
Operating Revenue and Growth Rate of Tire Manufacturing in China, 2010-2020E
Global Navigable Aircraft Deliveries and Growth Rate, 2010-2020E
Global Navigable Aircraft Deliveries Structure (by Product), 2010-2016
Global Major Navigable Aircraft Producing Places and Their Output, 2015
Global Major Navigable Aircraft Consuming Places, 2015
Global Rotorcraft Deliveries and Growth Rate, 2010-2020E
Global Rotorcraft Deliveries Structure (by Product), 2010-2016
Global Passenger Vehicle Sales Volume, 2010-2020E
Global Commercial Vehicle Sales Volume, 2010-2020E 
Automobile Sales in Major Countries Worldwide, 2015
Automobile Sales in China, 2011-2016
VIA (Vehicle Inventory Alert Index) of Car Dealers in China, 2014-2016
Sales Structure of Passenger Cars (by Country) in China, 2015
Competitive Landscape of Chinese Automobile Market,2015
Application of Meta-aramid Fiber in the Field of Protection
China’s Demand for Aramid Fiber in the Field of Protective Materials, 2014-2020E
Classification and Application of Aramid Paper
China’s Demand for Aramid Fiber in the Field of Optical Cable Reinforced Materials, 2014-2020E
Operating Revenue and Growth Rate of Optical Fiber & Cable Manufacturing in China, 2010-2020E
Total Output Value and Growth Rate of Fitness & Training Equipment Manufacturing in China, 2010-2020E
Sales-Output Ratio of Fitness & Training Equipment Manufacturing in China, 2006-2016
Three Major Indicators of Global Shipbuilding Industry, 2010-2016
Three Major Indicators of China Shipbuilding Industry, 2010-2016
DuPont’s Global R&D Layout
DuPont’s Net Sales and Net Income, 2011-2016
DuPont’s Sales Structure (by Segment), 2013-2016
DuPont’s Sales (by Region), 2013-2015
Sales and Operating Income of DuPont’s Protection Technologies Segment, 2012-2016
Sales Structure of DuPont’s Protection Technologies Segment (by Product), 2014-2015
Sales Structure of DuPont’s Protection Technologies Segment (by Downstream Market), 2014-2015
Sales Structure of DuPont’s Protection Technologies Segment (by Region), 2014-2015
DuPont’s Aramid Fiber Capacities, 2015
Teijin’s Global R&D Layout
Teijin’s Net Sales and Operating Income, FY2011-FY2016
Teijin’s Sales Structure (by Segment), FY2013-FY2015
Teijin’s Sales Structure (by Region), FY2013-FY2015
Teijin’s Business Development Plan, 2015-2017
Production Base Distribution of Teijin’s Advanced Fibers & Composites
Sales and Operating Income of Teijin’s Advanced Fibers & Composites Segment, FY2011-FY2016
Teijin’s Business Overview
Teijin’s Aramid Fiber Capacities, 2015
Teijin’s Aramid Fiber Products and Applications 
Teijin’s Layout in China
Kolon’s Global Distribution
Kolon’s Sales and Net Income, 2011-2016
Kolon’s Sales Structure (by Segment), 2013-2015
Main Business and Products of Kolon’s Industrial Materials Segment
Sales and Operating Income of Kolon’s Industrial Materials Segment, 2011-2016
Development History of Kolon’s Aramid Fiber Business
Huvis’ Operation, 2013-2015
Huvis’ Sales Structure, 2012/2016
Hyosung’s Global Distribution
Hyosung’s Operation, 2014-2015
Capacities and Applications of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials’ Main Products, 2015
Revenue and Net Income of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials, 2011-2016
Revenue Structure of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials (by Product), 2013-2016
Revenue Structure of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials (by Region), 2013-2016
Gross Margin of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials’ Main Products, 2011-2016
Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials’ Costs and % of Total Revenue, 2011-2016
Capacity Development History of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials’ Main Products
Output and Sales Volume of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials’ Main Products, 2012-2015
Aramid Fiber Composite Related Subsidiaries of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials, 2015
Revenue and Net Income of Yantai Metastar Special Paper, 2011-2016
Revenue and Net Income of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials, 2016-2020E
Revenue and Net Income of Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre, 2013-2016
Revenue Structure of Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre (by Business), 2014-2016
Revenue Structure of Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre (by Region), 2012-2016
Gross Margin of Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre (by Business), 2014-2016
Aramid Fiber Products and Applications of Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre
Revenue and Net Income of Shenma Industry, 2011-2016
Revenue Structure of Shenma Industry (by Product), 2013-2016
Revenue Structure of Shenma Industry (by Region), 2013-2016
Gross Margin of Shenma Industry (by Product), 2013-2016
Revenue and Net Income of Shenma Industry, 2016-2020E
Revenue and Net Income of Shenzhen Selen Science & Technology, 2011-2016
Main Technical Parameters of X-FIPER Aramid Fiber of SRO Aramid (Jiangsu)
Main Technical Parameters of Aramid Fiber III of Guangdong Charming 
Para-aramid Fiber Development History of Suzhou Zhaoda Specially Fiber Technical
Aramid Fiber Varieties and Applications of Suzhou Zhaoda Specially Fiber Technical
Aramid Fiber Varieties and Applications of China BlueStar Chengrand Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry
Revenue and Net Income of Xiamen Savings Environmental, 2011-2016
Revenue Structure of Xiamen Savings Environmental (by Product), 2013-2016
Revenue Structure of Xiamen Savings Environmental (by Region), 2012-2015
Gross Margin of Xiamen Savings Environmental (by Product), 2014-2016
Xiamen Savings Environmental’s R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue, 2013-2016
Output and Sales Volume of Xiamen Savings Environmental’s Main Products, 2012-2015
Revenue and Net Income of Xiamen Savings Environmental, 2016-2020E
Revenue and Net Income of Wuxi Boton Technology, 2011-2016
Revenue Structure of Wuxi Boton Technology (by Product), 2014-2015
Revenue Structure of Wuxi Boton Technology (by Region), 2012-2015
Wuxi Boton Technology’s R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue, 2012-2015
Revenue and Net Income of Wuxi Boton Technology, 2016-2020E
Revenue and Net Income of Qifeng New Material, 2011-2016
Revenue and Net Income of Zibo Ou Mu Special Paper Industry, 2013-2016

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China Polyether Monomer (MPEG/APEG/TPEG) Industry Report, 2015-2018

Polyether monomer in the Chinese market mainly refers to methoxy polyethylene glycol (MPEG), allyloxy polyethylene glycol (APEG), tresylated polyethylene glycol (TPEG) and isobutylene alcohol polyoxye...

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