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Shire Agrees to Talks After AbbVie Raises Bid, as Drug Firms Make Haste To Elude
Mylan to Buy Abbott’s Generic Drug Business Outside U.S. for $5.3 Billion
As Vital Generic-Drug Prices Soar, So Do Pharmaceuticals’ Profits
Pharmaceutical Firms Find It Hard to Exit Essential Drugs Market
Major Pharmaceutical Groups May Be Too Big to Succeed
Ban on Exports is Wrong, Says Indian Pharmaceutical Dealer's Association
Fitch Sees Pharmaceutical Industry Maintaining Targeted M&A
ScinoPharm to Provide Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient to F*TaiGen for Novel Ste
Revenue and Net Income of Leading Vitamin Companies in China
Decentralising Drug Research
Competitive Edge of Key Pharmaceutical Enterprises in China
Demand Structure of Chinese Patent Medicine by Disease or Dosage Forms
Lee's Pharmaceutical Gains China Rights To Labor-Inducing Drug
Biostar Pharma opens new sales office in China
Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharma is to construct 2 new manufacturing bases with RMB 7
Walvax To Gain Majority Control of Genor BioPharma For $49 Million
Beijing Municipal issued guidance on the retailing price of medicine
Scandal shadowed GSK rolls out new sales method across the world
A factory of Unisplendour Guhan Group stopped production because of failing GMP
Summary of Chinese Medical device companies IPO
Worldwide Pharma Companies are less interested in forming partnership in R&D
Shanxi Guangyuyuan TCM Pharma in order to concentrate on TCM business is about t
Chinese Pharma companies lost the America against China Antitrust Dispute on Vit
The exportation of China’s Traditional Chinese Patent Medicine only shared 5% o
Guizhou Xinbang Phama is to acquire Guizhou Kekai Medicine
Johnson&Johnson to reinvest $1 billion to save ill-performed Xian Janssen Pharma
Guangzhou Pharma and Nobel Prize winner Ferid Murad co-founded a bio-tech compan
China's Kunming Pharma Co. announces several investment plans
The exportation of China’s Western Medicine is in deep recession, showing only
Merck to invest € 80 million in China with New Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Fa
AIDS-Free era might come, Walgreen Co. Unveils HIV Study Results
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co to stop early research in three disease areas
Gansu Duyiwei Biological Pharma acquired Sichuan Huaji pharma
China Hansen Pharmaceutical acquires majority of Yunnan Yongzitang Pharmaceutica
AstraZeneca to invest £120 million in UK's new factory
Walvax of China acquires 3 domestic bio-medical companies
Top 10 Sales of Antitumor Drugs Worldwide, 2012
Monthly Price of Hydrocortisone, Jan. 2010 - Nov. 2012
Monthly Price of Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate, Mar. 2010 - Jan. 2013
 Daily Price of Imported Vitamin A, 2010-2013
 Daily Price of Domestic Vitamin A, 2010-2013
China Cuts Prices of 400 Medications
 Monthly Output of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for Chemicals in Tianjin, Ja
 Monthly Output of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for Chemicals in Beijing, Ja
 Cumulative Revenue in Pharmaceutical Industry, Feb. 2011- Oct. 2012
 Monthly Number of Pharmaceutical Enterprises, Feb. 2011 - Oct. 2012
 Monthly Export of Antibiotics (Excluding Preparation ), Jan. 2011-Sep. 2012
 Monthly Export of Vitamin C, Jan. 2011-Sep. 2012
 Monthly Export of Pharmaceuticals, Jan.2011-Sep.2012
Monthly Output of Chinese Patent Medicine, Jan.2011-Oct.2012
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