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China Management Software Industry Report, 2007-2008

The pre-sale reports, which are not in full form but already have data support, are available within five working days after purchase.

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In 2007, China's management software market was CNY8.5 billion. Driven by the development of corporate informatization, domestic management software market is expected to have an average annual compound growth rate of 16% in the coming five years, during which the demand of small- and medium-sized enterprises or SME, takes up 60% of the market.

China's management software market continued to broaden the market and became increasingly mature in 2007, in which the great potential of Chinese SMEs market was gradually emerging. China's management software industry made great achievements in the year with its key listed companies performing well in the capital market and major financing events attracting eyeballs in the capital market. Meanwhile, the year of 2007 is a year with more innovation and upgrade carried out in management software and the concept of product and service increasingly suitable for customers need.

Among the top 100 management software providers in China in 2007, 39 of them were international companies and the rest were Chinese producers. Moreover, the combined sales of international companies accounted for 45% of the total sales of Top 100, while the remaining 55% were shared by Chinese companies. In general, the number of enterprises and sales of domestic enterprises in the Top 100 had little changes compared to the figures in 2006. As for product, Chinese companies occupied the lion's share of medium- and low-end market, while international counterparts controlled high-end market.

Proportions of Number and Sales to the Total of TOP 100 International and Domestic Companies


Source: AMT Research Institute

With the development of China's market economy, China's management software market has been growing rapidly. Generally speaking, the widespread reality that price competition is abnormal, corporate governance is low and most of the companies are small and mid size ones show that China's management software industry needs to be further improved. According to the statistics, sales of the last 50 companies among the TOP 100 take up 7% of the total and the sales of the last 20 companies take up only 2% of the total.

The report aims at providing service for management software companies in their decision making and investors interested in investing in the industry. Based on an in-depth analysis of the current situation and development trend of China's management software industry, the report also provide you with the new development trend of the industry and proposals for investment in the industry.

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