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China Valve & Faucet Industry Report, 2008

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Valve is one of components used for fluid transmission, which is indispensable fluid control equipment in such industries as petroleum, chemical, power station, long-distance pipeline, shipbuilding, nuclear, various low-temperature projects, aerospace and marine oil extraction. China has a total number of over 6,000 valve companies with different sizes after a long-term development, ranking the first in the world.

As for products, China can produce valves with more than 3,000 models and 40,000 specifications, which can meet domestic market demand basically. China has made big progress in its ability to produce complete sets of valve, but China has still to rely on import of some special valves.

In 2007, China's valve and faucet industry continued maintaining a rapid and stable growth, and main economic indices were much higher than those in 2006. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, China has had a total number of 1,721 valve companies above designated size (with annual sales revenue over five million yuan) by the end of 2007. Their total industrial output value reached CNY92.7 billion, up 27.9% year on year, and their total number of employees were 240,000, an increase of 13,000 persons against the previous year, while their export delivery value reached CNY24.6 billion, up 15.3% year on year.

Main Economic Indices & Growth of China Valve & Faucet Industry, 2007


Source: ResearchInChina

Huge market demand has lured multinational companies into joining competition in the Chinese market, especially in high-end valve market, which has intensified the competition among domestic valve producers in medium- and low-end valve market. The current size of China valve market is around CNY50 billion, of which 20% market share are occupied by overseas valve producers.

Based on the authoritative statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, the General Administration of Customs and the China Machinery Industry Federation, the report makes an in-depth analysis on the production, sale, market conditions, industry structure and import & export of China valve and faucet industry, and makes the forecasts on the development trend of the industry by taking a reference to the development trend of related industries.

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