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China Antibiotic Market Report, 2008-2009

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From the perspective of industrial scale, China's output and production capacity of antibiotic raw materials ranks the NO.1 in the world. In 2007, China's sales revenue of antibiotic raw materials reached CNY35 billion, of which CNY14.8 billion were from exports, accounting for 25% of the total export value of all pharmaceutical raw materials. China's potential production capacity of penicillin is approaching 100,000 tons. Among which, semi-synthetic penicillin and cephalosporins account for more than 50% of the global market share. Total production capacity of 6-APA, terramycin, amoxicillin and cephalosporins intermediates and pharmaceutical raw materials in China is over 10,000 tons. China's potential production capacity of penicillin industrial salt is close to 100,000 tons, and the market concentration reaches 80 percent.

Market Share of Cephalosporins Antibiotics in All Antibiotics Products,2000-2007

Source: www.hyey.com

According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, revenue and profit of China's pharmaceutical industry both increased in the first eleven months of 2007. Especially sales profit rose 51% year on year, while that grew only 11% in 2006. In 2007, China pharmaceutical industry was booming, and the year of 2008 continues the momentum.

In the first three quarters of 2007, the results of a sample survey by large medical institutions show that most of the traditional, large bulk and low-priced antibiotics, such as cephalexin, cefradine, cefazolin and amoxicillin, have failed to enter the top 20. However, those antibiotics like Cefotiam, Cefminox, Cefepime and Meropenem, normally regarded as small variety of antibiotics, were all on the top 20.

By the year of 2010, the sales of quinolones are expected to exceed cephalosporins, which is the best selling of antibiotics in the current market. Quinolones anti-infective drugs have grown rapidly in recent years, accounting for 18.5% of global anti-infective drug market.

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