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China Prosthodontics Market Report, 2008

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Irregular and deficient teeth are very common and frequently-encountered diseases. It is reported that about 95% Chinese people have different kinds of dental problems, so the prosthodontics market hides considerably huge demand.

With the emergence of the aging society in China, the proportion of edentulous patients will continue to increase. Elders aged above 60 lacks around ten teeth per capita in China, even though only half of them need to take the dental restoration, it is still a vast market.

High technology will be the focus of and lead the development of the prosthodontics. The advancement of the implant technique plus the application of the CAD (computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided making) to the dental treatment have radically changed people's conventional perception towards the prosthodontics. Currently, CAD and CAM have not been extensively applied in China's clinical treatment. So the application of CAD/CAM to prosthodontics will witness a promising future in China's market.

The Cost of Prosthodontics in China, 2008 (Unit: CNY)

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