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China Meat Process Industry Report, 2008-2012

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Driven by the 2008 Olympic Games, China meat process industry witnessed a fast development. But the year of 2008 is also a difficult year caused by the sharp rise of feedstuff and frequent animal epidemics. However, during the first half of 2008, the sales revenue, profit and ROE level of china meat process industry are all achieved a growth.

The slaughtering sector in china is rather scattered. China has over 30,000 slaughtering companies in all, among which, only 2,531 with considerable scale, the industrial concentration degree is low. In general, the competition in China meat process industry is loose and the industrial integration peak has not come yet. Therefore, the leading players would enjoy a benefit.

In accordance with the “Eleventh-Five Year Plan” (2006-2010), the total demand for meat will reach 88.45 million tons in the year of 2015, of which, the demand for pork, red meat and poultry meat will respectively reaches 54.97, 13.32 and 19.18 million tons. The meat consumption market does not only have the expansion possibilities in the urban areas, the rural areas also hide great growth potential considering the acceleration of the urbanization process and the income increase of the rural residents.

China Demand for Pork, Red Meat and Poultry Meat in 2015

Source: ResearchInChina

Based on the statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics of China, National Development and Reform Commission, Food Industry Association and China Economic Information Network etc., this report makes an in-depth analysis of the production, sales, market situation and industrial structure of China meat process industry in 2008 and also predicts its future development.

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