China IGBT (Rail Transit/Electric Vehicle/Wind Power/Photovoltaic/Home Appliance) Industry Report, 2016-2020
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An IGBT is a complex device with the Darlington configuration. Using GTR as the dominant component and MOSFET as the drive component, IGBTcombines the merits of BJT and MOSFET, such as low drive power, low saturation voltage and the like.

With the development of IGBT chip technology, the maximum operating junction temperature and power density of chips keep increasing. In future, the IGBT module technology will be improved in two aspects -- chip backside welding & fixing and front electrode interconnection: 1) the technology without welding, wire bonding or liner/substrate packaging; 2) internally integrated temperature sensors, current sensors, driving circuits and other functional components.

Benefiting from the electric vehicle market and the mature IGBT technology, the global IGBT market will grow at a compound annual rate of 9% during 2014-2020 and reach USD6.5 billion in 2020. The market share of IGBTs used for consumer and white goods will gradually decrease, while IGBTs for power grid, PV, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) as well as electric vehicle will be a major growth engine in the next five years.

Thanks to the rapid development of distributed energy, new energy vehicle, charging piles and rail transit, China’s potential IGBT demand is huge. In 2015, Chinese IGBT market size hit about RMB8.5 billion, accounting for about one-third of the global market. By 2020, Chinese IGBT market will garner over RMB20 billion with a CAGR of 19.4%, equivalent to nearly half of the global market.

Market Competition Pattern
In recent years, China’s IGBT industry has developed rapidly under the guide of national policies and the market, and has shaped a complete industrial chain with IDM and OEM models. However, Chinese IGBT supply market is mainly controlled by foreign companies, for example, all of the top five suppliers were foreign vendors who enjoyed the combined market share of 51.9% in 2015. The advantages of European and American companies (such as Infineon, Semikron, Fairchild, etc.) are mainly reflected in power, electronics and communications, while Japanese brands (such as Mitsubishi, FUJI, Toshiba, etc.) target home appliances. China seized 1/3 of the global IGBT market share in 2015 and will master nearly 1/2 by 2020, with the AAGR of about 19%.

Subdivision of Applications:
The current saturated Chinese home appliance market will see limited incremental space in the next five years. Among white household electrical appliances, inverter refrigerators with low permeability will generate the fastest growing demand for IGBT in the next five years.

Affected by the government’s development plan, China's wind power and PV industries may follow different development paths in the next five years. By 2020, China's PV installed capacity will cumulate to above 160GW, which means the IGBT demand will value RMB1 billion or so. Given the serious wind energy curtailment, China's total wind power installed capacity is planned to be 210GW by 2020, which indicates that China's additional wind power installed capacity will witness sharp drop in the next five years, so that the demand for IGBTs will shrink.

The major cities in China plan to invest RMB3.18 trillion in rail transit in 2010-2021. As for high-speed rail, China will own over 4,300 CRH trains by 2020, which will need 1.2 million IGBTs, four times that in 2015.

With the development of new energy electric vehicles, the proportion of electronic devices in a vehicle has jumped from less than 20% to over 50%, and the application of IGBTs and other power device modules has been intensified obviously. Fairchild, Infineon and ST enjoy superiority in the automotive market. BYD and Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd (ASMC) cooperate in IGBTs. By 2020, China’s electric vehicle (including EV, PHEV, HEV, electric bus / truck) sales volume is expected to exceed 3 million, which will stimulate the IGBT demand to go beyond RMB6 billion.

The report covers the followings:
20120114.gifOverview, technology development course and trends, and applications of IGBT;
20120114.gifStatus quo and IGBT demand trends of Chinese IGBT application market segments (including rail transit, wind power, PV, electric vehicle, UPS, home appliances, etc.)
20120114.gifSize, competition pattern and supply chain of Global and Chinese IGBT markets;
20120114.gifDevelopment, operation and IGBT technology/business of 16 Chinese IGBT companies (including IDM, modules, OEM);
20120114.gifOperation and IGBT technology / business of 9 global IGBT vendors.

China’s IGBT Market Demand (by Terminal Application), 2015-2020

igbt 英文_副本.png

1. Overview of IGBT
1.1 Definition
1.2 Operating Principle
1.3 Evolution of Technology Roadmap
1.4 Main Applications

2 Application Markets  
2.1 PV Market 
2.1.1 Overview
2.1.2 Development Plan 
2.1.3 Major Enterprises 
2.1.4 Demand for IGBT 
2.2 Wind Power Market 
2.2.1 Overview
2.2.2 Development Plan 
2.2.3 Major Enterprises 
2.2.4 Demand for IGBT
2.3 Home Appliance Market
2.3.1 Air Conditioner
2.3.2 Refrigerator
2.3.3 Washing Machine
2.3.4 Induction Cooker
2.4 Industrial Applications
2.4.1 Electric Welder
2.4.2 UPS
2.5 Rail Transit
2.6 Electric Vehicle
2.7 Charging Pile

3 Global and China IGBT Market
3.1 Overview
3.2 Market Size
3.3 Competition Pattern
3.4 Supply Chain
3.5 IGBT Development Trend

4 Chinese IGBT Vendors 
4.1 Jilin Sino-Microelectronics 
4.1.1 Profile 
4.1.2 Operation 
4.1.3 Customers and Suppliers 
4.1.4 R & D 
4.1.5 Capacity and Shipment 
4.1.6 IGBT Business  
4.2 Hua Hong Semiconductor Limited 
4.2.1 Profile 
4.2.2 Operation 
4.2.3 Technology and R & D 
4.2.4 Capacity and Shipment 
4.2.5 IGBT Business  
4.3 Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd. 
4.3.1 Profile 
4.3.2 Operation 
4.3.3 IGBT Business and Technology
4.3.4 Automotive IGBT Business 
4.3.5 IGBT Development Strategy 
4.4 BYD
4.4.1 Profile 
4.4.2 Operation 
4.4.3 IGBT Business 
4.5 Jiangsu MacMic Science & Technology 
4.5.1 Profile 
4.5.2 Operation 
4.5.3 Business Model 
4.5.4 Customers and Suppliers
4.5.5 IGBT Business 
4.6 Keda Semiconductor  
4.6.1 Profile 
4.6.2 Operation 
4.6.3 IGBT Business 
4.7 Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics 
4.7.1 Profile 
4.7.2 Operation 
4.7.3 IGBT Business 
4.7.4 Drive System Business  
4.8 CSMC Technologies Corporation
4.8.1 Profile 
4.8.2 Core Technologies
4.8.3 IGBT Business 
4.9 Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (ASMC)
4.9.1 Profile 
4.9.2 Operation 
4.9.3 Core Technologies
4.9.4 Main Customers 
4.9.5 IGBT Business and Technology
4.9.6 Capacity and Utilization 
4.10 Nanjing Silvermicro Electronics  
4.10.1 Profile 
4.10.2 IGBT Business 
4.11 Shenzhen Founder Microelectronics
4.11.1 Profile 
4.11.2 Main Business and Capacity 
4.11.3 IGBT Business 
4.12 Skysilicon
4.12.1 Profile 
4.12.2 Technology Roadmap and Capacity 
4.12.3 IGBT Business 
4.13 Xi'an Yongdian Electric  
4.13.1 Profile 
4.13.2 Operation 
4.13.3 IGBT Business 
4.14 Xi’An IR-PERI 
4.14.1 Profile 
4.14.2 IGBT Business 
4.15 WeihaiSinga Electronics 
4.16 JiaxingStarpowerSemiconductor
4.16.1 Profile 
4.16.2 IGBT Business 

5 Global IGBT Suppliers
5.1 Fuji Electric 
5.1.1 Profile 
5.1.2 Operation 
5.1.3 IGBT Business 
5.1.4 Electric Vehicle IGBT
5.2 Infineon
5.2.1 Profile 
5.2.2 Operation 
5.2.3 IGBT Business 
5.2.4 Electric Vehicle IGBT
5.3 Denso 
5.3.1 Profile 
5.3.2 Operation 
5.3.3 IGBT Business 
5.4 ROHM
5.4.1 Profile 
5.4.2 Operation 
5.4.3 IGBT Business 
5.5 IR
5.5.1 Profile 
5.5.2 Operation 
5.5.3 IGBT Business 
5.6 Semikron
5.6.1 Profile 
5.6.2 Operation 
5.6.3 IGBT Business 
5.7 STMicroelectronics 
5.7.1 Profile 
5.7.2 Operation 
5.7.3 IGBT Business 
5.8 Fairchild 
5.8.1 Profile 
5.8.2 Operation 
5.8.3 IGBT Business 
5.9 IXYS
5.9.1 Profile 
5.9.2 Operation 
5.9.3 IGBT Business
Classification of Power Semiconductors
Performance Comparison between BJT, MOSFET and IGBT
Structure Diagram of IGBT Modules
Common IGBT Modules
Comparison between Different Types of IGBTs 
IGBT Structure Sketch (Left) and Equivalent Circuit Diagram (Right)
Main Parameter Comparison between All Generations of IGBTs 
Development Trend of IGBT Structure
Role and Development Trend of New IGBT Technology 
Characteristics and Structure of All Generations of IGBT Chips
Structure of Welded IGBT Modules
Packaging Process of Welded IGBT Modules
Press-fit IGBT Modules 
Main IGBT Applications  
IGBT Applications by Voltage
Global Capacitor Market Size, 2009-2019E
China’s Capacitor Market Size, 2009-2019E
China’s Film Capacitor Output and Sales Volume, 2010-2014 
Film Capacitor Industry Chain
Film Capacitor Manufacturing Processes and Barriers
Main Domestic and Overseas Film Capacitor Enterprises
China's PV Installed Capacity, 2006-2020E
China's Solar PV Demand, 2015 / 2020E
China's Solar PV Scale (by Region), 2020E 
PV Inverter IGBT Brands 
IGBT Supplied to PV Inverter Vendors
Demand of Chinese PV Market for IGBTs, 2015-2020E 
China's Wind Power Installed Capacity, 2006-2020E
China's New Wind Power Installed Capacity by Provinces (Autonomous Regions and Municipalities), 2015
China's Cumulative Wind Power Installed Capacity by Provinces (Autonomous Regions and Municipalities), 2015
China's Cumulative Wind Power Installed Capacity by Power of Wind Turbines, by 2015
Ranking of China's New Wind Power Installed Capacity, 2015  
Share of China's Cumulative Wind Power Installed Capacity, by the end of 2015
Topological Structure of Doubly Fed Wind Power Units 
Demand of Chinese Wind Power Market for IGBTs, 2015-2020E
Performance of Air Conditioner Terminal Retail Market, Jan-Feb 2016  
Air-conditioner Product Structure, 2015-Q1 2016 
Sales Structure of Wall-hanging Air Conditioner Market by Energy Efficiency, Q1 2016
Average Price of Wall-hanging Air Conditioner Market by Energy Efficiency, Q1 2016
Sales Volume Proportion of Upright Air-conditioners by Energy Efficiency, Q1 2016
Average Price of Upright Air-conditioners by Energy Efficiency, Q1 2016
Sales Volume Proportion of Main Air-conditioner Brands by Energy Efficiency, Q1 2016
MoM Average Price of Air Conditioner Industry by Brand, Q1 2016
YoY Average Price of Air Conditioner Industry by Brand, Q1 2016
China’s Output of Air Conditioners, 2010-2020E 
Penetration Rate of Inverter Air Conditioner in China, 2010-2020E 
Demand of Air Conditioner for IGBTs in China, 2015-2020E 
China’s Refrigerator Sales Volume and Revenue, First 11 Weeks of 2016 
Retail Sales of Chinese Refrigerators by Number of Doors, First 11 Weeks of 2016  
Retail Sales of Chinese Refrigerator Market Segments, First 11 Weeks of 2016  
Retail Sales Share by Product, 2015-First 11 Weeks of 2016 
Average Price of Refrigerators by Number of Doors, First 11 Weeks of 2016
Retail Sales Penetration Rate of Smart Refrigerators, 2015-First 11 Weeks of 2016
Performance of Inverter Market Segments by Brand, 2015-First 11 Weeks of 2016  
Retail Sales Penetration Rate of Air-cooled Refrigerators by Number of Doors, 2015-First 11 Weeks of 2016
Retail Sales Penetration Rate of Two/Three-door Refrigerators by Price Range,     First 11 Weeks of 2016
China’s Output of Refrigerators, 2010-2020E  
Penetration Rate of Inverter Refrigerator in China, 2010-2020E   
Demand of Refrigerators for IGBTs in China, 2015-2020E 
China’s Washing Machine Revenue and Sales Volume, Jan-Feb 2016  
Retail Sales Share of Chinese Washing Machines by Washing Type, Jan-Feb 2016 
Average Price of Washing Machines by Washing Type, Jan-Feb 2016 
Retail Sales Share of Offline Pulsator Washing Machines by Price Range, Jan-Feb 2016
Retail Sales Share of Online Pulsator Washing Machines by Price Range, Jan-Feb 2016
Retail Sales Share of Offline Drum Washing Machines by Price Range, Jan-Feb 2016
Retail Sales Share of Online Drum Washing Machines by Price Range, Jan-Feb 2016
Online / Offline Retail Sales Share by Brand, Jan-Feb 2016
Retail Sales Share of Cleaning-free Washing Machine in Pulsator Washing Machine Market  
Retail Sales Penetration Rate of Inverter Products, First 11 Weeks of 2016 
Retail Sales Penetration Rate of Pulsator Washing Machine Market by Capacity, First 11 Weeks of 2016 
China's Output of Washing Machines, 2010-2020E
Penetration Rate of Inverter Washing Machine in China, 2010-2020E   
Demand of Washing Machines for IGBTs in China, 2015-2020E  
Average Selling Price of Induction Cookers in China, 2010-2015
Market Share of Main Chinese Induction Cooker Companies, 2010-2015
Retail Sales Proportion of All Levels of Chinese Induction Cooker Markets, 2011-2015
China's Output of Induction Cookers, 2010-2020E
Demand of Induction Cookers for IGBTs in China, 2015-2020E
TOP 10 Electric Welder Enterprises in China, 2015
China's Electric Welder Output, 2010-2020E
Electric Welder Penetration Rate of Chinese High Power/Heavy Industry, 2010-2020E  
Demand of Electric Welders for IGBTs in China, 2015-2020E 
China’s Electric Welder Export Volume Structure (by Region), 2015 
China’s Electric Welder Export Value Structure (by Region), 2015
China’s UPS Output, 2010-2020E  
China’s UPS Market Share (by Power Range), 2015
IGBT Penetration Rate of China's UPS industry, 2012-2020E 
Demand of UPS for IGBTs in China, 2015-2020E 
China's Metro Train Output, 2012-2020E 
China’s CRH Train Bidding, 2015 
China’s CRH Train Output, 2010-2020E 
Ownership Structure of China's Main CRH Train Vendors, June 2016 
Demand of Rail Transit for IGBTs in China, 2015-2020E 
Global IGBT Module Downstream Market Distribution (by Field), 2014
Global IGBT Module Downstream Market Distribution (by Field), 2020E 
Global Electric Vehicle-use IGBT Market Size, 2014-2020E
China's Electric Vehicle Motor Controller Demand and Market Size, 2015-2020E
Demand of Electric Vehicles for IGBT Modules in China, 2015-2020E  
IGBT Application Distribution (by Voltage) 
IGBT Technology Evolution and Players Involved
Global IGBT Market Size (by Applications), 2014-2016
IGBT Selling Price, Shipment and Market Size, 2014-2020E 
China’s IGBT Market Size Estimation, 2015-2020E 
China’s IGBT Market Size, 2015-2020E 
Market Share of Main IGBT Vendors Worldwide, 2015
Market Share of Main IGBT Vendors in China, 2014
Main Electric Vehicle-use IGBT Vendors Worldwide
Global IGBT Supply Chain
China's IGBT Supply Chain
Main Local IGBT Vendors and Their Products in China
Maximum Voltage and Current Values of Controlled Power Semiconductors Available in Market
Different Levels of Power Module Integration  
Parameter Comparison between Main Materials and Silicon Materials
Physical Parameters of Different Semiconductor Materials
SPT+ IGBT Structure 
Schematic of Trench Gate Structure IGBT and CSTBT 
Structure of an RC-IGBT from ABB
Shares Held by Actual Controller of Sino-Microelectronics
Main Financial Indicators of Sino-Microelectronics, 2014-2016Q1
Revenue and Gross Margin of Sino-Microelectronics (by Region), 2015 
Cost Structure of Sino-Microelectronics (by Product), 2015 
Top 5 Customers of Sino-Microelectronics, 2014-2015
R&D Investment of Sino-Microelectronics, 2012-2015
Capacity and Output of Main Products of Sino-Microelectronics, 2014-2015 
Sales of Main Products of Sino-Microelectronics, 2014-2015
IGBT Products of Sino-Microelectronics 
IGBT Development Route of Sino-Microelectronics
Revenue and Gross Margin of Hua Hong Semiconductor, 2013-2015 
Revenue (by Region) of Hua Hong Semiconductor, 2015Q1-2016Q1 
Revenue (by Technology Platform) of Hua Hong Semiconductor, 2015Q1-2016Q1 
Revenue (by Technology Node) of Hua Hong Semiconductor, 2015Q1-2016Q1 
Technology Roadmap of Hua Hong Semiconductor
SuperFlash Process and Supporting Logic Process of Hua Hong Semiconductor
SONOS Flash Technology System of Hua Hong Semiconductor 
Power Management Process Specification Subdivision of Hua Hong Semiconductor 
RF Process Technology of Hua Hong Semiconductor 
Power Device Process of Hua Hong Semiconductor
Capacity, Capacity Utilization and Shipment of Hua Hong Semiconductor’s Foundries, 2015Q1-2016Q1
Revenue and Net Income of CRRC Times Electric, 2011-2015
Revenue of CRRC Times Electric (by Product), 2014-2015
Cellular Cross-sectional View of IGBT based on DMOS and DMOS + Technologies of CRRC Times Electric
IGBT Chips (8-inch Wafers) and 1 500 A / 3 300 V IGBT Modules with Such Chips  
Press-fit IGBT Structure of CRRC Times Electric 
BYD’s Workforce, 2007-2015
BYD’s Automobile Output and Sales Volume, 2010-2015 
BYD’s Revenue, Net Income and Gross Margin, 2007-2016Q1 
BYD’s Revenue (by Product), 2007-2015 
BYD’s Gross Margin (by Product), 2008-2015 
BYD’s Revenue (by Region), 2008-2015H1 
Equity Structure of MacMic Science & Technology 
Revenue and Net Income of MacMic Science & Technology, 2012-2015 
Revenue Structure of MacMic Science & Technology (by Product), 2015  
Business Chain of MacMic Science & Technology 
Outsourcing Processors and Processing Amount of MacMic Science & Technology, 2013-2014H1 
Main Product Outsourcing Costs of MacMic Science & Technology, 2013-2014H1 
Main Agents of MacMic Science & Technology 
Top 5 Customers of MacMic Science & Technology, 2015
Top 5 Suppliers of MacMic Science & Technology, 2015 
IGBT Products and Applications of MacMic Science & Technology 
IGBT Modules of MacMic Science & Technology 
IGBT Module Applications of MacMic Science & Technology 
Revenue and Net Income of Keda Semiconductor, 2012-2015 
Total Assets and Net Assets of Keda Semiconductor, 2012-2015
IGBT Single-tube Product Lines of Keda Semiconductor 
IGBT Module Product Lines of Keda Semiconductor 
Revenue and Net Income of Silan Microelectronics, 2011-2015 
Revenue Structure of Silan Microelectronics (by Product), 2015
IGBT Chips of Silan Microelectronics 
IGBT Modules of Silan Microelectronics 
Process Roadmap of CSMC Technologies  
Power Devices and Technical Route of CSMC Technologies 
Main IGBT Chips of CSMC Technologies 
Revenue of ASMC, 2003-2015 
Capital Expenditure of ASMC, 2003-2015 
Revenue Breakdown of ASMC (by Product Size), 2015-2016 
Revenue Breakdown of ASMC, 2015 
Four Major Technology Platforms of ASMC
Technology Roadmap Planning of ASMC, 2015-2019E
Main Domestic and Overseas Customers of ASMC
Power Discretes and Technology Roadmap of ASMC
Parameters and Applications of ASMC’s Power Discretes
IGBT Shipment of ASMC, 2004-2013 
Main IGBT Customers of ASMC
Strategic Cooperation between ASMC and CNR in Forming Complete High-speed Rail IGBT Industry Chain
Strategic Cooperation between ASMC and BYD in New Energy Vehicle-use IGBT 
Cooperation between ASMC and SGCC in Development of Smart Grid-use IGBT
IGBT Technology Evolution of Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing 
IGBT Back Injection Process of Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing 
Production Capacity of Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing, 2015-2016 
Capacity Utilization of Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing, 2015-2016 
Main Modules and Applications of Silvermicro Electronics 
Technology Evolution of Founder Microelectronics
Skysilicon’s Business Network 
Overview of Skysilicon’s Plants
Skysilicon’s Technology Evolution, 2012-2015
Skysilicon’s Capacity Expansion 
Skysilicon’s Power Device Test Capacity 
Skysilicon’s IGBT Discrete Device Product Lines
Skysilicon’s IGBT Module Product Lines
Main Power Semiconductor Products of Yongdian Electric 
High Voltage IGBT Chips of Yongdian Electric 
IGBT Modules of Xi’An IR-PERI 
IGBT Module Product Lines of WeihaiSinga Electronics 
Main Financial Indicators of Fuji Electric, FY2010- FY2016 
Revenue and Operating Income of Fuji Electric (by Business), FY2013- FY2016
Revenue of Fuji Electric (by Region), FY2011-FY2016
IGBT and SiC R & D Planning of Fuji Electric, 2015-2021E 
7-generation IGBT Product Planning of Fuji Electric, 2016-2018E 
Industrial IGBT / SiC Loss Comparison, 2015-2017
Development Path of Fuji Electric’s Automotive Power Modules, 2005-2025
Global Ranking of Infineon’s Three Main Businesses, 2013
Infineon’s Revenue (by Region), FY2013-FY2015
Infineon’s Revenue (by Division), FY2013-FY2015 
Infineon’s EiceDRIVER? Family IGBT Modules
Denso’s Workforce, FY2011-FY2015 
Denso’s Revenue and Profit, FY2013-FY2015 
Denso’s Operating Income & Net Income, FY2011-FY2015 
Denso’s Revenue Structure (by Division), FY2013-FY2015Q1
Denso’s Revenue (by Division), FY2013-FY2015Q1 
Denso’s Revenue and Operating Income (by Region), FY2013-FY2015   
Denso’s Revenue (by Customer), FY2010-FY2014 
Denso’s Customer Structure, FY2013-2014 
Japan NEDO’s Projects in the field of Power Electronics
ROHM’s Financial Indicators, FY2010-2015 
ROHM’s Revenue (by Business), FY2012-FY2017 
ROHM’s Revenue (by Region), FY2012-FY2017 
ROHM’s Revenue (by Application), FY2012-FY2017
Main Technical Parameters of ROHM’s Automotive IGBT Modules
Development Course of ROHM’s SiC Products 
SiC-based Power Device Lineup of ROHM
IR’s Revenue (by Division), FY2012- FY2014 
Semikron’s Operation 
Semikron’s Main IGBT Brands 
Product Portfolio of SEMIKRON’s SKiM Modules
Key Features of SEMIKRON’s SKiM Modules
Product Portfolio of SEMIKRON’s SKiiP IPM
Key Features of SEMIKRON’s SKiiP IPM
Structure of SEMIDRON’s SKAI Power Electronic Platform
Product Portfolio of SEMIKRON’s SKAI Power Electronic Platform
Key Features of SEMIKRON’s SKAI Power Electronic Platform
Overview of STMicroelectronics 
Main Financial Indicators of STMicroelectronics, 2011-2015 
Revenue Structure of STMicroelectronics (by Product Division), 2015 
Gross Margin of STMicroelectronics, 2014Q1-2016Q1?

Global and China Semiconductor Equipment Industry Report, 2019-2025

The semiconductor industry with high technical threshold is advancing speedily. Every generation of products requires unique processes and equipment. With progresses in semiconductor manufacturing pro...

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Global and China Memory Industry Report, 2019-2025

In 2018, global memory market was worth USD153.4 billion, surging by 23.7% from a year earlier thanks to rising prices as a result of robust demand from mobile phones and cloud services and a higher s...

China IGBT (Rail Transit/Electric Vehicle/Wind Power/Photovoltaic/Home Appliance) Industry Report, 2016-2020

An IGBT is a complex device with the Darlington configuration. Using GTR as the dominant component and MOSFET as the drive component, IGBTcombines the merits of BJT and MOSFET, such as low drive power...

China Semiconductor Industry Report, 2014-2015

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According to the planning of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), China in 2015 will shut down analog TV and complete the integral transition of cable TV from analog to digi...

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China Navigation Equipment Industry Report, 2012-2014

After forty years of development, the global satellite navigation system has developed into a “one plus three” pattern. And the “one” refers to GPS made in the USA, and the three refer to Chinese, Rus...

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