Global and China Laptop and Tablet PC Industry Report, 2011-2012
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In 2011, laptop computer vendors encountered two major difficulties. First, Eurozone debt crisis deteriorated, while Europe is one of major laptop computer markets; second, the Thailand flood in October hit the HDD disk industry severely and impacted laptop computer shipment in best-season Q4 since nearly half of the hard disks worldwide were produced there. As a result, the laptop shipment registered 195 million? units in 2011, just up 1.6% from 2010.

94% of global laptop computers are assembled by Taiwanese vendors, mostly ODMs instead of OEMs. Majority of vendors just define the product positioning, rather than design. ODMs assume not only design and production but component procurement. So, laptop ODM is not the field for which ordinary EMS manufacturers are competent, and only a few ones can do that.

In 2011, laptops witnessed two biggest changes. Above all, the traditional EMS corporations-- Flextronics quitted the laptop contract manufacture. Flextronics tapped into the field in 2009, but within two years, it only received HP’s orders, and HP’s order price was much lower than that of other vendors. Therefore, most of ODMs are reluctant to deal with HP’s orders. Though Flextronics received orders, it suffered huge losses.

Hon Hai, quite similar to Flextronics, persevered in developing the laptop contract manufacture, but it strictly controlled the contract scale. Many believe Hon Hai will retreat from the laptop contract manufacture sooner or later. The withdrawal of EMS players brought a reprieve to laptop ODMs who competed fiercely for meager profit.

Second, the laptop production transferred to western China. Although all laptop ODMs are from Taiwan, their production bases are located in Mainland China. According to the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), China's laptop output was 244 million in 2011, of which 230 million ones were exported. Herein, laptops cover Tablet PCs and Kindle Fire e-book readers.

In 2010, laptop manufacturers accessed to Chongqing successively. Their production bases put into production in 2011 when 25,478,200 computers were produced in Chongqing (an 11.9-fold rise), including 24,073,900 laptops (up 25.4-fold). However, Chengdu became the iPad production base, with the output of close to 20 million units in 2011.

Traditional laptop production bases are located in Shanghai and Kunshan. In 2011, 89.54 million laptops were produced in Shanghai and 89.07 million ones in Jiangsu Kunshan. The laptop production transferred to western China because of the rising labor costs in the Yangtze River Delta. For production staff and management personnel, the wages rose year by year, which made laptop ODMs with the gross margin of 3-4% be overwhelmed.

In western provinces of China, the labor costs are lower, but the logistics costs are higher. Moreover, the western labor costs are growing rapidly. Therefore, Chongqing is the second base at most; the Yangtze River Delta is still the first base. The future production base of Taiwanese laptop ODMs may be Viet Nam. The laptop supporting industrial chain in the Yangtze River Delta is the most perfect, and the logistics costs are the lowest, so the region will still be the main production base in the upcoming 2-3 years.
In 2011, Tablet PCs made great strides. Apple's iPad shipment reached 47.6 million, a substantial rise of 2.2 times. In fact, the biggest difference between Tablet PC and laptop lies in processors and screens. It is hard to make product differentiation in processors, while it is easier to differentiate screens, especially touch screens.

OGS (One Glass Solution) is most discussed and recognized as the development direction of touch screens. OGS has three kinds. To keep the independent industry chain, touch screen manufacturers integrate upstream tempered glass cover lens to propose TOL (Touch On Lens) solutions. Panel makers prefer in-house touch process, so they propose On-cell solutions and In-cell solutions. Under the guide of Apple, On-Cell and In-Cell solutions have grown mature.

The monopoly of Samsung in AMOLED forces Apple to seek cooperation with the panel makers such as Sharp and TMD, and Apple projects huge capital in R&D of screen and touch technology. It is very possible that Apple will accept On-Cell and In-Cell solutions of panel makers. Most people believe that In-Cell solutions will be adopted. At present, only TPK and Wintek supply touch screens for iPad, neither of which are panel manufacturers; if In-Cell solutions are employed, both of them will lose the business opportunities valued at USD8 billion, but it is out of the question. It is still unknown that whether TOL or In-Cell will win.

iPad 3 will be launched in March 2012. To reduce its over-reliance on Hon Hai, Apple has cooperated with Pegatron and it also considers the cooperation with Quanta Computer that is the largest laptop ODM.

Shipment of Major Laptop ODMs in the World, 2010-2011 (Unit: mln)
1 Global Laptop Market
1.1 Laptop Market Size and Brands
1.2 Tablet PC Market

2 Chinese Laptop Market 
2.1 Market Size
2.2 Market
2.2.1 Brands
2.2.2 Brand Awareness, 2011
2.2.3 Prices, 2011 
2.3 Industry
2.4 Export

3 Overview of Laptop Industry
3.1 Design and  Assemble Process
3.2 Industry Chain
3.3 Cost Analysis

4 Laptop CPU Vendors
4.1 Intel
4.2 AMD

5 Laptop ODMs
5.1 Industry Status
5.2 Quanta Computer
5.3 Compal
5.4 Wistron
5.5 Inventec
5.6 Pegatron
5.7 ECS
5.8 Hon Hai
5.9 Clevo
5.10 MSI

6 WLAN Modules
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Arcadyan Technology
6.4 Gemtek

7 Laptop Battery Manufacturers
7.1 Simplo
7.2 Dynapack 
7.3 Clexpert 

8 Case and Structure Manufacturers
8.1 Market Trends
8.2 Industry Pattern
8.3 Relation between Suppliers and Vendors 
8.4 Juteng  
8.5 Huan Hsin 
8.6 Catcher 
8.7 Waffer 
8.8 Shengmei 
8.9 Zhan Yun 
8.10 Gallant Precision 
8.11 Dragon Technology 

9 Laptop Display Manufacturers 
9.1 Status Quo and Future
9.2 Samsung 
9.3 LG Display 
9.4 AUO 
9.5 Chimei-Innolux
9.6 Hannstar LCD 

10 HDD Manufacturers
10.1 Industry Overview
10.2 Industry Pattern
10.3 Dynamics
10.4 Seagate
10.4 Western Digital

11 Cooling Module Manufacturers 
11.1 Overview
11.2 Auras Technology 
11.3 Chaun Choung Technology 
11.4 Asia Vital Components 
11.5 Foxconn Technology 

12 Laptop CDD Manufacturers 
12.1 Industry Overview
12.2 Liteon Technology 
12.3 Quanta Storage 

13 Laptop PCB Manufacturers 
13.1 Hannstar Broad PCB 
13.2 Gold Circuit Electronics 
13.3 Tripod Technology 

14 Tablet PC
14.1 Overview
14.2 Dismantling of iPad2 
14.3 iPad2 Material Costs
14.4 Dismantling of Samsung Galaxy Tab 
14.5 Samsung Galaxy Tab BOM

15 Tablet PC Supply Chain
15.1 iPad Supply Chain
15.2 iPad Suppliers
15.3 Technology Direction of Tablet PC Touch Screen 
15.4 TPK
15.5 Wintek
Shipment of Netbook, iPad and Tablet PC, 2008-2012
Laptop Shipment in Chinese Market, 2003-2011
Market Shares of Laptop Vendors by Shipment in China, 2009-2011
Laptop Development Process
Laptop Development Process by Region
Laptop Industry Chain
Cost Structure of High-end Laptop, 2009-2011
Cost Structure of Low and Medium-end Laptop, 2009-2011
Intel Revenue by Product, 2006-2008
Intel Revenue by Product, 2008-2010
Intel CPU Technology Roadmap
AMD Laptop CPU Roadmap
Market Shares of Major Laptop ODMs Worldwide, 2006
Shipment of Major Laptop ODMs by Brand, 2007
Market Shares of Major Laptop ODMs, 2008
Supply Relationship and Shipment between Laptop Vendors and ODMs, 2010
Supply Relationship and Shipment between Laptop Vendors and ODMs, 2011
Inventec’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2001-2011
Revenue of Arcadyan Technology by Product, 2007-2008
Revenue and Shipment of Arcadyan Technology by Application, 2008- H1 2010
Clexpert’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2006-2011
Laptop Case and Structure Market Size, 2005-2012
Laptop (including Tablet PC) Case and Structure Market Breakdown by Manufacturers, 2010-2011
HP’s Laptop Case and Structure Breakdown by Suppliers, 2010-2011
ACER’s Laptop Case and Structure Breakdown by Suppliers, 2010-2011
DELL’s Laptop Case and Structure Breakdown by Suppliers, 2010-2011
TOSHIBA’s Laptop Case and Structure Breakdown by Suppliers, 2010-2011 
ASUS’ Laptop Case and Structure Breakdown by Suppliers, 2010-2011
LENOVO’s Laptop Case and Structure Breakdown by Suppliers, 2010-2011 
APPLE’s Laptop Case and Structure Breakdown by Suppliers, 2010-2011
Revenue Breakdown of Juteng by Client, FY2007 
Global Presence of Juteng
Revenue and Pretax Profit of Huan Hsin, 2003-2011
Revenue of Huan Hsin by Product, 2009-Q3 2010
Presence of Huan Hsin in Mainland China
Waffer’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2004-2011
Samsung’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2007-2012   
Revenue of Chimei-Innolux by Size, Q3 2009-Q2 2011
Revenue and Shipment of Small and Medium-size Panels of Chimei-Innolux, Q3 2009-Q2 2011
Capacity of Chimei-Innolux by Production Line, Q2 2010
Revenue and Operating Margin of Hannstar LCD, 2003-2011 
Global Hard Disk Shipment, 1998-2008
Global Hard Disk Shipment, 2009-2014
Hard Disk Sizes, 2009-2014 
Global Hard Disk Shipment by Region, 2011
Market Share of Major Hard Disk Manufacturers by Shipment in the World, Q1 2007-Q2 2010
Market Share of Major Hard Disk Manufacturers by Shipment in the World, 2011 
Laptop Hard Disk Capacity, 2009-2011
Laptop Hard Disk Speed, 2008-2010
Seagate’s Revenue and Shipment, Q1 FY2010-Q2 2012  
Revenue and Average Selling Price of Hard Disk of Western Digital, Q1 FY2010-Q2 2012     
Structure and Working Principle of Heat Pipes
Laptop Cooling Modules
ODD Shipment of Liteon Technology and Quanta Storage, Q1 2009 -Q4 2011
Associate Companies of Hannstar Broad 
Revenue and Gross Margin of Hannstar Broad, 2006-2011   
Revenue and Gross Margin of Gold Circuit Electronics, 2005-2011 
Revenue and Gross Margin of Tripod Technology, 2005-2011 
iPad2 Cost Structure 
Cost Structure of Samsung Galaxy Tab  
Relationship between TPK Holding and Associate Companies 
Shareholder Structure of TPK Holding
Revenue and Gross Margin of TPK Holding, 2007-2012
Revenue and Operating Margin of TPK Holding, 2007-2012
Revenue , Gross Margin and Operating Margin of TPK Holding, Q1 2010-Q4 2011
Touch Screen Sales Volume and Gross Margin of TPK Holding, 2007-2010 
Customers of TPK Holding, 2008-2009
Customers of TPK Holding, 2010
Wintek’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2003-2011
Wintek’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2003-2011
Wintek’s Revenue and Growth Rate, Jan. 2010-Jan. 2012
Wintek’s Revenue by Product, 2006-2011 
Wintek’s Customers, 2009-2011 
Wintek's Capacitive Touch Screen Capacity
Wintek's Touch Screen Cover Glass Capacity
Wintek's ATT Structure
Wintek's ATT Process
Wintek's ATT and Traditional Capacitance G/G Touch Screen
Global Laptop Shipment and Growth Rate, 2007-2013
Shipment of Major Laptop Vendors Worldwide, 2010-2011
Market Shares of Major Laptop Vendors Worldwide, Q4 2010-Q1 2012  
Market Share of Major Laptop Brands in China, 2009-2011   
Ranking of Laptop Brands in China by Awareness, Q1-Q4 2011
Laptop Prices in China, 2011
Laptop (including Tablet PC) Output in China, 2004-2011
Laptop Output by Region in China, 2010-2011
Laptop Export Volume and Average Price in China, Jan. 2010-Dec. 2011
Manufacturers in Laptop Industry Chain
Intel's Typical Laptop CPU Prices, 2012
CPU Prices of Entry-level Desktops and Netbooks
Intel's Top Laptop CPU Prices
Intel's Medium-end Laptop CPU Prices
Intel's Low-end Laptop CPU Prices
Intel’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2004-2011
Intel’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2004-2011 
Intel’s Revenue and Net Profit Margin, 2004-2011
Intel’s Revenue by Region, 2006- Q4 2011
AMD’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2004-2011
AMD’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2004-2011
AMD’s Revenue and Net Profit Margin, 2004-2011
AMD’s Revenue by Division, 2006-2011
AMD’s Operating Income by Division, 2006-2011
Gross Margin of Major Laptop ODMs Worldwide, 2009-2010
Quarterly Shipment of Global Laptop Manufacturers, 2010
Quanta’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2001-2011
Quanta’s Revenue and Growth Rate, Dec 2009-Dec 2011
Quanta’s Laptop Shipment and Growth Rate, 2004-2011 
Quanta’s Revenue by Region, 2008-2011
Quanta’s Revenue by Product, 2007-2011
Quanta’s Revenue by Customer, 2007-2011
Compal’s Global Presence 
Compal’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 1999-2011
Compal’s Revenue and YoY Growth Rate, Dec 2009-Dec 2011 
Compal’s Laptop Shipment and Growth Rate, 2007-2011
Compal’s Revenue by Customer, 2007-2012
Compal’s Output in China, 2009-2011 
Wistron’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2003-2011
Wistron’s Laptop Shipment and Growth Rate, 2004-2011
Wistron’s Revenue by Product, 2005-2011
Wistron’s Laptop Shipment by Customer, 2011  
Wistron’s Laptop Shipment in China, 2009-2011
Inventec’s Revenue and Growth Rate, Jan. 2010-Jan. 2012   
Inventec’s Revenue by Product, 2007-2011 
Inventec’s Laptop Shipment, 1999-2009 
Pegatron’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2008-2011
Pegatron’s Revenue and Growth Rate, Dec. 2009-Dec. 2011  
Pegatron’s Revenue by Division, 2008-2010
Pegatron’s Revenue by Product, 2010
Pegatron’s Revenue by Region, 2008-2010
Pegatron’s Revenue by Application, Q1 2010-Q3 2011      
ECS’ Revenue and Operating Margin, 2005-2010
ECS’ Revenue and YoY Growth Rate, Dec. 2009-Dec. 2011   
Honhai’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2004-2011
Clevo’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2004-2011
Clevo’s Revenue YoY Growth Rate, Dec. 2009-Dec. 2011
Clevo’s Profile
Clevo’s Laptop Capacity, Output, Sales Volume and Output Value, 2007-2011
MSI’s Global Presence
MSI’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2005-2011
MSI’s Revenue and Growth Rate, Dec. 2009-Dec. 2011
MSI’s Revenue by Product, 2009-2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of Arcadyan Technology, 2003-2011  
Revenue and YoY Growth Rate of Arcadyan Technology, Dec. 2009-Dec. 2011  
Revenue of Arcadyan Technology by Region, 2007-2010
CAMEO’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2002-2011
CAMEO’s Revenue and YoY Growth Rate, Dec. 2009-Dec. 2011   
Gemtek’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2004-2011 
Gemtek’s Revenue and YoY Growth Rate, Dec. 2009-Dec. 2011    
Simplo’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2000-2011
Simplo’s Laptop Battery Shipment and Its Global Market Share, 1999-2011
Simplo’s Revenue and YoY Growth Rate, Dec. 2009-Dec. 2011
Dynapack’s Revenue and Gross Margin, 2002-2011
Dynapack’s Revenue and YoY Growth Rate, Dec. 2009-Dec. 2011  
Clexpert’s Revenue and YoY Growth Rate, Dec. 2009-Dec. 2011   
Juteng’s Revenue and EBIT, 2004-2011
Juteng’s Revenue and Operating Income, 2004-2011
Juteng’s Revenue and Gross Profit, 2005-2011
Juteng’s Revenue by Customer, 2009-2011
Catcher’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2001-2011
Catcher’s Revenue and Growth Rate, Jan. 2010-Jan. 2012  
Catcher’s Production Bases
Waffer’s Revenue and Growth Rate, Jan. 2010-Jan. 2012    
Selected Financial Data of Zhan Yun, 2008
Laptop (Including Tablet PC) Sizes, 2009-2011
Laptop Panel Prices, Jan. 2009-Jan. 2012  
Monthly Shipment and Growth Rate of Laptop (Including Tablet PC), Dec. 2010-Dec. 2011
Market Share of Major Laptop Panel (Including Tablet PC) Manufacturers by Revenue, 2010-2011    
Samsung’s Revenue by Product, 2009-2011
Revenue, Operating Margin, Shipment and Average Selling Price of Samsung’s LCD Division, Q1 2010-Q4 2011
Revenue and Gross Margin of LG DISPLAY, 2002-2011
Revenue and Operating Margin of LG DISPLAY, 2002-2011
Shipment and Average Price of LG DISPLAY, Q4 2010-Q4 2011  
Revenue of LG DISPLAY by Application, 2009-2012
Revenue of LG DISPLAY by Application, Q4 2010-Q4 2011  
Capacity of LG DISPLAY by Production Line, Q4 2009-Q4 2010  
Production Lines of LG DISPLAY
AUO’s Revenue and Operating Margin, 2004-2011
AUO’s Revenue by Application, Q4 2010-Q4 2011  
AUO’s Capacity by Production Line, Q4 2011 
Revenue, Gross Margin and EBITDA of Chimei-Innolux, Q3 2009-Q2 2011  
Revenue of Chimei-Innolux by Application, Q3 2009-Q2 2011   
Supporting Enterprises of Chimei-Innolux in Ningbo Beilun Export Processing Zone
Shipment of Hannstar's Large and Medium-sized LCD Panels, 2007-2011
Seagate’s Revenue and Operating Margin, FY2006-2011 
Seagate’s Revenue by Channel, Q1 FY2010-Q2 2012      
Seagate’s Revenue by Region, Q1 FY2010-Q2 2012   
Seagate’s Shipment by Application, Q1 FY2010-Q2 2012   
Revenue and Operating Margin of Western Digital, FY2003-2011
Hard Disk Shipment and Global Market Share of Western Digital, Q1 FY2010-Q2 FY2012  
Revenue and Gross Margin of Western Digital, Q1 FY2010-Q2 FY2012  
Revenue and Operating Profit of Western Digital, Q1 FY2010-Q2 FY2012
Revenue of Western Digital by Channel, Q1 FY2010-Q2 FY2012
Revenue of Western Digital by Region, Q1 FY2010-Q2 FY2012
Hard Disk Shipment of Western Digital by Application, Q1 FY2010-Q2 FY2012  
Headcount of Western Digital and Proportion of Its Top 10 Customers, Q1 FY2009-Q2 FY2011
Revenue and Gross Margin of Auras Technology, 2001-2011
Revenue and YoY Growth Rate of Auras Technology, Dec.2009-Dec. 2011
Revenue and Gross Margin of Chaun Choung Technology, 2003-2011
Revenue and YoY Growth Rate of Chaun Choung Technology, Dec. 2009-Dec. 2011
Revenue and Gross Margin of Asia Vital Components, 2002-2011
Revenue and YoY Growth Rate of Asia Vital Components, Dec. 2009-Dec. 2011  
Revenue of Asia Vital Components by Application, 2008-2012   
Revenue and Operating Margin of Foxconn Technology, 2004-2011   
Revenue and YoY Growth Rate of Foxconn Technology, Dec. 2009-Dec. 2011
ODD Shipment, 2008-2013
Market Share of Major ODD Manufacturers Worldwide, 2010-2011  
Revenue and Operating Margin of Liteon Technology, 2003-2011
Revenue and YoY Growth Rate of Liteon Technology, Dec. 2009-Dec. 2011 
Revenue of Liteon Technology by Product, 2009-2011
Revenue and Gross Margin of Quanta Storage, 2002-2011
Revenue of Quanta Storage by Product, 2008-2011
Revenue and YoY Growth Rate of Quanta Storage, Dec. 2009-Dec. 2011
Market Share of Major Laptop PCB Manufacturers (by Shipment), 2011
Revenue and Growth Rate of Gold Circuit Electronics, Jan. 2010-Jan. 2012  
Revenue of Gold Circuit Electronics by Product, 2010-2011
Revenue and Growth Rate of Tripod Technology, Jan. 2010-Jan. 2012  
Capacity of Tripod Technology, 2006-2011
Touch Screen Capacity, Output, Output Value and Sales Volume of TPK Holding, 2008-2010
TPK’s Revenue by Product, Q1 2010-Q3 2011      
TPK’s Capacity, 2011
HR Structure of TPK Holding, 2008-Mar. 2010

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The report highlights the followings: 1. Brief Introduction to Passive Components;  2. Passive Component Industry & Market Segments-Capacitor, Inductor and Resistor;  3. Main Downst...

Global and China GaAs Industry Report, 2012-2013

Global and China GaAs Industry Report, 2012-2013 covers the followings: 1 Brief introduction to GaAs2 Industry overview of GaAs3 Downstream market of GaAs4 Analysis on mobile phone RF system 5 Study o...

Global and China Advanced Packaging Industry Report, 2012-2013

Global and China Advanced Packaging Industry Report, 2012-2013 covers the followings: 1.     Global Semiconductor Industry Overview;2.     IC Manufacturing Industry Overv...

Global and China Touch Screen (Panel) Industry Report, 2012-2013

Global and China Touch Screen (Panel) Industry Report, 2012-2013 covers the followings: Touch Screen Market Size Trends of Small, Medium and Large-sized Touch Screens Touch Screen Downstream Market...

Global and China Mobile PC Casing (Enclosure) Industry Report, 2012-2013

The report covers the followings:    1. Global and Chinese PC markets    2. Global and China Mobile PC industry    3. Notebook and tablet PC casing industr...

Global and China PC Cable Assembly Industry Report, 2012-2013

Global and China PC Cable Assembly Industry Report, 2012-2013 covers the followings: 1. Global and China PC Market; 2. Global and China Mobile PC Market;3. PC Cable Assembly Industry;4. 15 Major PC Ca...

Global and China Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPCB) Industry Report, 2012

Global and China Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPCB) Industry Report, 2012 includes the following contents: 1. Profile of FPCB2. Overview of FPCB Market and Industry3. Analysis of 22 Major FPCB Ma...

Global and China OLED Industry Report, 2012

Promoted by the display giants headed by Samsung and LG, OLED industry is still in the stage of steady development. In 2011, the OLED output value worldwide approximated USD3.3 billion, with year-on-y...

China Navigation Equipment Industry Report, 2012-2014

After forty years of development, the global satellite navigation system has developed into a “one plus three” pattern. And the “one” refers to GPS made in the USA, and the three refer to Chinese, Rus...

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