China Lead-acid Battery Industry Report, 2011-2012
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At present, China is the world's largest lead-acid battery producer and exporter, with its lead-acid battery output sharing about 1/3 of global total. In 2011, China's output of lead-acid battery hit 142 million KVAH, down 1.3% from a year earlier, while the export value reached US$1.879 billion, up 6.5% year-on-year.

China lead-acid battery industry is now featured as follows:

1 Raw material price is highly sensitive. 76% of lead-acid battery raw material costs come from refined lead. Impacted by the rising lead prices in recent years, the gross profit of the lead-acid battery industry has dropped from 20% to less than 15%.

2 Policies affect supply and demand. From 2006-2010, China’s lead-acid battery output and demand grew stably; the market saw a slight oversupply. In 2011, China rectified the industry, which caused a large number of enterprises to close down; the reversal of supply and demand brought about the gap of 13.6 million KVAH.

3 New energy storage batteries become a hot spot for investment. Chinese government supports the new energy industry vigorously, which stipulates the growing demand for new energy storage batteries. From 2006 to 2011, the demand for new energy storage batteries grew at the CAGR of 88.3%.
4 Corporate profitability has close bearing on product types. Among lead-acid battery manufacturers, Fengfan Co., Ltd focuses on vehicle starter battery; yet the downstream sector features high market concentration, and downstream players are comparatively stronger, which makes Fengfan's bargaining ability weak and gross margin low. In 2011, Fengfan’s gross margin was just 12.7%. Chaowei Power and Tianneng Power give priority to bicycle power battery; downstream sector is characterized by low market concentration, therefore, both of them have powerful bargaining ability and they gain high gross margin. In 2011, Tianneng Power realized the gross margin of 28.2%, and Chaowei Power 32.1%.

In addition, Coslight Group lays emphasis on communication-use batteries, with the three major domestic telecom operators from the downstream. The profitability of Coslight Group is influenced by the growth rate of telecom investment, and its gross margin fluctuates violently. From 2009 to 2011, the gross margin of Coslight Group fell from 26.6% to 17.1%.

Gross Margin of Major Lead-acid Battery Manufacturers in China,2008-2011 (Unit: %)

5 Extension of industrial chains becomes a key development strategy for enterprises. To ease the cost pressure of raw materials, some companies have begun to expand the industrial chain towards the upstream and the downstream. Coslight Group acquired a lead-zinc mine in Russia's Primorsky Territory in 2006 to enter the lead-acid battery upstream and reduce the pressure caused by rising lead prices. Camel Group develops secondary lead to get involved in the downstream industry chain.

1 Overview of China Lead-acid Battery Industry
1.1 Introduction to Products
1.2 Classification
1.3 Industrial Chain
1.4 Industry Status

2 Development of China Lead-acid Battery Industry
2.1 Policy Environment
2.1.1 Industrial Policy
2.1.2 Import and Export Policy
2.2 Production
2.3 Demand
2.4 Import
2.4.1 Total Import Value
2.4.2 Import Structure
2.4.3 Average Price of Import Products
2.5 Export
2.5.1 Total Export Value
2.5.2 Export Structure
2.5.3 Regional Distribution of Export
2.5.4 Average Price of Export Products
2.6 Profitability

3 Competition Pattern of China Lead-acid Battery Industry
3.1 Regional Competition
3.1.1 Zhejiang
3.1.2 Jiangsu
3.1.3 Hebei
3.1.4 Guangdong
3.2 Enterprise Competition
3.3 Product Competition

4 Industry Segments
4.1 Vehicle Starter Battery
4.1.1 Supply
4.1.2 Demand
4.1.3 Enterprise Competition
4.2 Electric Bicycle Battery
4.2.1 Supply
4.2.2 Demand
4.2.3 Enterprise Competition
4.3 Communication Fixed-type Battery
4.3.1 Supply
4.3.2 Demand
4.4 New Energy Storage Battery
4.4.1 Key Manufacturers
4.4.2 Demand

5 Key Companies in China
5.1 Tianneng Power International Limited
5.1.1 Profile
5.1.2 Operation
5.1.3 Battery Projects
5.1.4 R&D
5.2 Chaowei Power Holdings Limited
5.2.1 Profile
5.2.2 Operation
5.2.3 Battery Projects
5.2.4 Investment Projects
5.3 Coslight Technology International Group Limited
5.3.1 Profile
5.3.2 Operation
5.3.3 Battery Business
5.4.1 Profile
5.4.2 Operation
5.4.3 R&D
5.5 Fengfan Stock Limited Company
5.5.1 Profile
5.5.2 Operation
5.5.3 Battery Projects
5.6 Camel Group Co., Ltd
5.6.1 Profile
5.6.2 Operation
5.6.3 Revenue Structure
5.6.4 Production and Sales
5.6.5 Battery Projects
5.7 Zhejiang Narada Power Source Co., Ltd
5.7.1 Profile
5.7.2 Operation
5.7.3 Battery Projects
5.7.4 R&D
5.8 Shandong Sacred Sun Power Sources Co., Ltd.
5.8.1 Profile
5.8.3 Revenue Structure
5.8.4 Battery Projects
5.9 JCI
5.9.1 Profile
5.9.2 JCI (Shanghai)
5.9.3 JCI (Zhejiang)
5.9.4 JCI (Chongqing)
5.10 Anhui Xunqi Storage Battery Co., Ltd.
5.11 Jiangsu Huafu Holding Group
Structure of Lead-acid Battery
Classification of Lead-acid Battery
Industrial Chain of Lead-acid Battery
Policies on Lead-acid Battery Industry, 2007-2012
Output and YoY Growth Rate of Lead-acid Battery in China, 2006-2012
Demand and YoY Growth Rate of Lead-acid Battery in China, 2006-2012
Total Import Value of Lead-acid Batteries in China, 2008-2011
Import Structure of Lead-acid Battery Products in China, 2008-2011
Average Price of Imported Lead-acid Batteries in China, 2008-2011
Total Export Value of Lead-acid Batteries in China, 2008-2011
Export Structure of Lead-acid Battery Products in China, 2008-2011
Regional Distribution of Exported Lead-acid Batteries(Except Starter Batteries) in China, 2011
Regional Distribution of Exported Starter Batteries in China, 2011
Average Price of Exported Lead-acid Batteries in China, 2008-2011
Cost Structure of Lead-acid Battery
Prices of Lead Ingots and Gross Margin of Lead-acid Battery Related Industries in China, 1999-2010
Output and Demand of Lead-acid Batteries in China, 2006-2012
Output of Lead-acid Batteries by Region in China, 2011
Output of Lead-acid Batteries in Zhejiang, 2008-2011
Output of Lead-acid Batteries in Jiangsu, 2009-2011
Output of Lead-acid Batteries in Hebei, 2009-2011
Output of Lead-acid Batteries in Guangdong, 2008-2011
Sales of Major Lead-acid Battery Manufacturers, 2009-2011
Performance Comparison of Lead-Acid Battery, Nickel Metal Hydride Battery and Lithium Battery
Lead-acid Battery Output of Major Producing Provinces in China,2009-2011
Output of Vehicle Starter Batteries, 2006-2012
Output and Ownership of Cars in China, 2006-2011
Demand of Vehicle Starter Batteries, 2006-2012
Demand of Vehicle Starter Batteries (by Market), 2006-2012
Output and Market Share of Top5 Vehicle Starter Battery Manufacturers, 2009
Output of Electric Bicycles Power Batteries, 2006-2012
Output and Ownership of Electric Bicycles in China, 2006-2012
Demand of Electric Bicycles Power Batteries, 2006-2012
Demand of Electric Bicycles Power Batteries (by Market), 2006-2012
Market Share of Electric Bicycles Power Battery Manufacturers (by Sales), 2011
Output of Top3 Communication Battery Manufacturers in China, 2008-2009
Fixed Asset Investments and Procurement of Batteries in the Field of Communications in China, 
Number of Newly Built Communications Base Stations and Ownership in China, 2006-2011
Demand of Communication Fixed-type Batteries in China, 2006-2012
Storage Battery Sales of Major Storage Battery Manufacturers in China, 2011
Planning of Renewable Energy Worldwide before 2050
Installed Capacity of Wind Power and PV in China, 2006-2012
Energy Storage Comparison of PV Power Station and Wind Power Station
Demand of Wind Power Storage Batteries in China, 2006-2012
Demand of Different Lead-acid Batteries in China, 2010-2011
Operating Revenue, Net Income and Gross Margin of Tianneng Power International  Limited, 2006-2011 
Operating Revenue of Tianneng Power International Limited (by Product), 2008-2011 
Key Projects of Tianneng Power International Limited, 2010-2013
Operating Revenue, Net Income and Gross Margin of Chaowei Power Holdings Limited, 2007-2011
Sales of Chaowei Power Holdings Limited (by Product), 2007-2011
Key Lead-acid Battery Projects of Chaowei Power Holdings Limited, 2011
Key Acquisition Projects of Chaowei Power Holdings Limited, 2011
Subsidiaries and Battery Business of Coslight Technology International Group
Operating Revenue, Net Income and Gross Margin of Coslight Technology International Group, 2007-2011
Sales of Main Battery Business of Coslight Technology International Group,2007-2011
Subsidiaries and Main Business of Shoto
Sales and Total Profit of Shoto,2006-2010
Operating Revenue, Net Income and Gross Margin of Fengfan Stock Limited Company, 2007-2011
Operating Revenue of Fengfan Stock Limited Company(by Product), 2009-2011
Sales Volume and Revenue of Fengfan Stock Limited Company, 2008-2011 
Production Capacity of Lead-acid Battery of Fengfan Stock Limited Company, 2010-2011
Operating Revenue, Net Income and Gross Margin of Camel Group ,2008-2011
Operating Revenue of Camel Group(by Product), 2008-2011
Production Capacity, Output and Sales Volume of Camel Group, 2008-2011
Key Projects of Camel Group, 2010-2013
Operating Revenue, Net Income and Gross Margin of Zhejiang Narada Power Source, 2007-2011
Operating Revenue of Zhejiang Narada Power Source (by Product), 2007-2010 
Operating Revenue of Zhejiang Narada Power Source (by Product), 2011
Key Projects of Zhejiang Narada Power Source (by Product), 2011-2012
R&D Investment and R&D Expenditure Rate of Zhejiang Narada Power Source, 2009-2011
Sales Volume of Sundry Battery of Shandong Sacred Sun Power Sources, 2008-2011
Operating Revenue, Net Income and Gross Margin of Shandong Sacred Sun Power Sources, 2008-2011
Operating Revenue of Shandong Sacred Sun Power Sources (by Product), 2008-2011
Operating Revenue and Net Income of JCI, 2008-2011
Operating Revenue and Total Profit of Anhui Xunqi Storage Battery, 2005-2010
Gross Margin of Major Lead-acid Battery Manufacturers in China, 2008-2011

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