ZHEJIANG LEO CO., LTD. : Transformation of R & D System---Grand Initiation of PDM Informatization Project


In order to update the PDM Drawing Document Management System, the initiation ceremony of the PDM Informatization project has been held in the headquarters training room. Our chairman Wang Xiangrong, vice general manager Yan Tufu, vice general engineer Su Xinke, directors from each factory, the PDM project implementation team, the technical center at the headquarters, the garden machinery subsidiary and LEO WOOLEAM, technical staff etc., all together about 100 people attended the meeting. It was hosted by the vice general manager Jianrui, and project implementation team from CAXA consulting company was invited to attend this ceremony.

Fist, vice general manager Yan Tufu made a comprehensive speech about the current condition of our research development and production process, and deeply analysed the existing problems. The current research and development mode cannot keep pace with our company’s rapid development. Therefore the transformation of the research and development system is urgent. Regarding the existing problems and current situation, the R & D and production system must be transformed to change the research and development process from a series process to a parallel process. The production system should take part in the design process at the preliminary stage, especially the process design. In addition, vice general manager Yan indicated that the key of a success transformation is the effort made by all participants, calling for a close cooperation between production workers and technical staff to realize a comprehensive transformation of the R & D system.

Afterwards, the general manager and technical engineers from CAXA Company respectively elaborated on the meaning and importance of the implementation of the PDM Informatization project, making a brief introduction of its advantages.

After the implementation ceremony, our chairman pointed out that the Informatization project is seriously underdeveloped because we didn’t pay enough attention to it. We can improve the technical management level comprehensively by restarting the PDM Informatization project, which will gradually realize the information management. While reviewing the current condition of production, our chairman indicated that there is no room for improvement of the production capacity. The breakthrough lies in the effective combination of production and R & D systems. We should eliminate the traditional regulations and make changes to better meet the requirements for the development of the company. The qualitative leap requires a two-way transformation of production and R & D systems. And the effective combination of the PDM system, Informatization project and ERP system will create a new situation of Information Management.


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