Jiangxi Copper (HKG:0358): production operating normally


Jiangxi Copper (00358.HK)said that there had been a number of media reports in respect of the environmental protection of its Dexing Copper Mine and it had received several telephone enquiries from the investors in connection with that incident.

The company says that:

(1) the production of the company is operating normally. The environmental safety facilitates are comprehensive and operating stably. All industrial wastes of water, gas and residue reached the emission standard and no contingent environmental protection incident has occurred recently.

(2) the company has placed emphasis on energy conservation and emission reduction work and, in recent years, has also completed those energy conservation and emission reduction tasks assigned by each level of government and Jiangxi Province government and has actively implemented its social responsibilities.

(3) during the "12th five-year" period, the company has placed emphasis on investing in environmental protection and has allocated sufficient capital to further enhance the capability of energy conservation and emission reduction.

(4)in respect of the questions raised by the media, the company will endeavour to assist the relevant departments to commence investigation.


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