Yue Da (HKG:0629) denies involvement in market misconduct


Yue Da Mining (HKG:0629) announced that, on 3 April 2012 or thereabout, it received (and was also by Dong Liyong of his receipt of) notice that the Market Misconduct Tribunal (MMT) was directed to conduct proceedings and determine (a) whether any market misconduct has taken place arising out of dealings in the securities of Yue Da Mining during the period between 12 November 2007 and 12 September 2008; (b) the identity of the person(s) who has engaged in the alleged market misconduct; and (c) the amount of any profit gained or loss avoided, if any, as a result of the alleged market misconduct.

The persons specified in the above notice are: (i) Yue Da Group (HK) Company Limited (YDHK), a substantial shareholder of Yue Da Mining; (ii) a former director of YDHK; (iii) a former employee of Yue Da Mining; (iv) Yue Da Mining; and (v) Dong Liyong, a current director of Yue Da Mining.

Neither Yue Da Mining nor Dong Liyong accepts the allegations that it/he engaged in the alleged market misconduct. Yue Da Mining does not expect the proceedings to have any material effect on its group business operations.



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