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China Fan Industry Report, 2007-2008

Published: Aug/2008

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Fan is the common name of gas compressor and gas transportation machine. Generally speaking, fan in China includes ventilator, blower, compressor and Roots blower, but excludes positive displacement blower and compressor such as piston compressor.

Fan serves as a ventilator, deduster and cooler in factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings and plays the role of ventilation and induced draft in boiler and industrial furnace. Fan always acts as a ventilator and cooler in air-conditioning equipment and household appliances and plays the role of a grain dryer. Fan is also able to provide air to wind tunnels and pump and propel hovercrafts.

In 2007, the total industrial output value, the output value of new products and the industrial sales output value of China's fan industry all increased by a big margin compared to the previous year. The industry made progress in improving its marketing skills and accelerating its capacity expansion and its operation ability was better than the previous year. The External market demand of the industry is robust and the industry still has a big growth potential. The profitability of the entire industry declined a bit in the year of 2006, due to impact of macro economic control and increasing rises in prices of energy and raw materials.

China's huge demand for fan and fan manufacturing industry has aroused the concern of many well-known overseas fan producers, who have been lured into the Chinese market consecutively. These world's leading manufacturers are growing continuously through mergers and acquisitions, taking up a considerably big market share.

China's fan producers are fragmented, scattering across the country, and different types of companies have different markets. All kinds of medium and small size ventilators and other fan products are manufactured by medium- and small-sized companies and township-run enterprises, due to their low technical content and low added value. Most of the ventilators produced by the medium- and small-sized companies are general products that are lack of uniqueness and have general competitive edge.

Total Output Value of China's Fan Companies with Different Sizes 2006-2007


Source: National Bureau of Statistics of China

China's fan industry remains the momentum of rapid development in 2008. At present, China has 470 fan producers. The total industrial output value of China's fan industry in the first two months of this year hit CNY5.35 billion, up 39.01% year on year. China's fan output in the first five months reached 1.72 million units, up 34.46% year on year.


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