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China Education and Training Industry Report, 2007-2008 (Updated Version)

Published: Aug/2008

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China's education and training is a sunrise industry. In particular, China's vocational education market has a great potential. China's college graduates have entered a period of fast growth. In 2007, China's number of college graduates jumped to 4.79 million from 2.50 million in 2004, which on the one hand increases greatly employment pressure, on the other hand, quite a few companies are still short of qualified talents. Such a poor match between supply and demand generates a huge demand for education after graduation. A continuous rise in the number of people pursuing bachelor and master degrees and a sustained expansion of college enrollment offer an enormous market for education and training.

In 2007, China had a total of 95,200 various kinds of private schools at all levels (excluding 22,300 private training institutions). The number of students aiming for various sorts of academic qualifications totaled 25.84 million in the year, of which, 1.63 million students studied in 297 private colleges and 1.87 million students studied in 318 subordinate colleges.

Total Number of Students Enrolled in Colleges & Universities, 2007
(Unit: 10,000 persons)

Source: ResearchInChina

Chinese family's great attentions to education also provide a good opportunity for China's education and training industry. Venture capitals have begun investing in the industry. In 2005, number of companies, such as http://www.china-training.com/, http://www.feloo.com/ and http://www.51edu.com/ all gained funds with more than 10 million US dollars respectively.

In Sep. 2006, the company of New Oriental was successfully listed in New York Stock Exchange, and meanwhile, Global IELTS Group gained an investment of CNY200 million from SAIF Partners.
In the first half year of 2007, JAFCO Asia poured US$10 million to Ambow Education Co. that specializes in elementary and junior middle school education, IT training and English education.

In Sep. 2007, Eduask, an IT training specialist, announced that it has gained venture capital of US$20 million from SAIF Partners, which had earlier invested into Global IELTS Group, ChinaWeEdu and ATA.

In Sep. 2007, Carlyle Group injected US$20 million into Neworld Education Group, which specializes in training of Japanese language. 

In Oct. 2007, 21Edu Co., Ltd. gained an investment of nearly US$20 million in its first round of fundraising led by CDH Venture.

IPO Schedule of China's Education and Training Companies

Source: ResearchInChina

Based on the authoritative statistics from the Ministry of Education, notices of listed companies and in-depth case study, the report makes a comprehensive analysis on the development, policy environment and key companies of China's education and training industry, and makes a thorough study on the current situation and development trend of 16 education and training companies. The report also offers suggestions on investment in the industry in 2008 based on the analysis of investment in China's education and training industry in 2007 to 2008.


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