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China Medical Device Industry and Listed Company Report, 2008

Published: Apr/2008

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China is a large medical apparatus and instruments producer in both Asia and the world. China, as one of the top ten emerging markets in the world's medical apparatus and instruments industry, had a market capacity in 2006 exceed CNY60 billion. According to the development plan for the medical apparatus and instruments industry during the period 2006-2010, issued by the former State Economic & Trade Commission, the total output value of China's medical apparatus and instruments industry is expected to reach CNY150 billion in 2010, accounting for 5% of the world total, and China's market share in the world is expected to reach 25% in 2050, making China a world first-class, powerful medical apparatus and instruments producer. In 2007, China initiated the reform on its medical system. According to the reform plan, China will expand its capital expenditure in the infrastructure network of public health, implying a big market space for medical apparatus and instruments producers.

According to the statistics of the General Administration of Customs of China, China's total trade volume of medical apparatus and instruments in 2006 was US$10.55 billion, up 17.57% year-on-year, of which the exports valued at US$6.87 billion, up 28.58% year-on-year and the imports valued at US$3.68 billion, up 1.37% year-on-year. In 2007, China's total trade volume of medical apparatus and instruments reached US$12.7, more than four times US$2.95 billion posted in 2000, of which the imports valued at US$4.28 billion, more than three times US$1.31 billion recorded in 2000, and the exports valued at US$8.42 billion respectively, more than five times US$1.64 billion posted in 2000.

Import and Export of China's Medical Apparatus & Instruments, 2002-2007


At present, about 70% of China's high-end medical apparatus and instruments market is dominated by transnational corporations. Companies like GE, Siemens and Philips have the outstanding competitive advantages in the high-end market. Take radiation diagnosis device as an example, the U.S.'s GE, German's Siemens and the Netherlands' Philips have a higher market shares in CT, MRI device and angiogram device respectively. Manufacturing capability of Chinese companies in software development and precision electronic equipment, which is being increasingly enhanced, is gradually breaking the monopoly of foreign companies and creating a group of excellent companies, engaged in the production of medical apparatus and instruments, including Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Device Co., Ltd and Shandong Xinhua Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

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