International orders for Zoomlion

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Zoomlion has made what is describes as a breakthrough in the Indian market with the sale of six 25 tonne capacity TC7053-25 tower cranes to Reliance Industries.

According to Zoomlion it is the biggest single order for tower cranes since the manufacturer entered the South Asian market. They are also the biggest capacity Zoomlion tower cranes in South Asia.

They will be used for power station construction. "It has been Zoomlion's first tower crane order for India's power construction industry, creating a new situation for Zoomlion to win over benchmark customers in the high end South Asian power construction market," added a Zoomlion spokesman.

The order brings the number of Zoomlion tower cranes in India to 450, said the company. Zoomlion has also exported four TC8039 and TC7052 tower cranes to Azmel Contracting Company in Saudi Arabia. The customer has purchased more than 20 tower cranes from Zoomlion in the last two years.

A further international order came from Axis Crane, based in the USA. The company leased a 260 tonne capacity QUY 260 crawler crane for wind turbine installation in Washington State. The unit is the first Zoomlion crawler to pass ANSI certification. Its features include a Hirschmann load moment limiter.


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