China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock : CSR Qishuyan’s SY40AE coupler yoke sold to U.S.

Date:2011-10-20litingting  Text Size:

CSR Qishuyan Co., Ltd. CSR Qishuyan has successfully developed and manufactured SY40AE coupler yoke, marking a new breakthrough in its march towards the U.S. railway market. Recently, the first batch of 165 pieces of SY40AE coupler yoke has been delivered to the U.S. customer. 

CSR Qishuyan has gained trust from customers for its technical advantage in casting development and good relations with customers over the years. Early this year, the U.S. customer expressed its new cooperation intent to the company, requiring it to develop and manufacture SY40AE coupler yoke. SY40AE is a standard coupler yoke used by U.S. rail wagons, which differs vastly from homemade 13A in structure, and is critical of the surface roughness, gauge and precision of castings. The company organized relevant departments to establish the “SY40AE coupler yoke development” project team in charge of a series of work including transformation of product drawings and technical conditions, technological equipment design, product foundry process design and follow-up product trial-manufacture, and embarked upon the trial-manufacture of the first batch of products in April. Through the “key breakthrough”, problems arising in trial-manufacture were tackled duly and effectively, and the first batch of products was trial-manufactured. At the customer’s request, six pieces were selected randomly and shipped to the U.S. for further tests, and consequently all testing parameters met the technical conditions of AAR  

According to sources, the U.S. customer has negotiated with CSR Qishuyan about the intent to continue cooperation. Next year, the company will deliver at least 165 pieces of SY40AE coupler yoke a month to the customer.
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