China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock : CSR Sifang approved to establish “academician expert workstation”

Date:2011-10-20     Source:litingtinglitingting  Text Size:

Recently, CSR Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd. CSR Sifang has been approved to establish an “academician expert workstation”. On the morning of October 10, Liu Gang, vice president of Qingdao Association for Science and Technology, headed to the company to present a plaque to the workstation. 

According to sources, the workstation was established in accordance with the spirit of the Implementation Opinions on Pressing Ahead with the Construction of Academician Expert Workstations released by relevant departments of Qingdao. Upon examination by the municipal coordination group on academician workstation construction, a total of 11 enterprises in Qingdao were approved to establish academician expert workstations, and CSR Sifang was one of them. 

At a meeting, Gong Ming, deputy general manager and chief engineer of CSR Sifang exchanged ideas in depth with the delegation led by Liu. Liu spoke highly of the company’s achievements in such aspects as technological innovation and technological talent incentive. 

The workstation’s establishment will propel CSR Sifang to build a higher-level innovation platform, establish a long-acting innovation mechanism, guide innovation elements to enterprises and promote integration of production, teaching with research, thus further boosting the company’s technological innovation.
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