Honda to manufacture Fit EV in China in 2012

Date:2011-11-16     Source:yangshujiequlina  Text Size: (Shanghai November 15) - Honda is among the manufacturers not deterred by the perpetual delay in the introduction of revised new energy vehicle policies, with the manufacturer announcing that the electric version of the Fit subcompact will be made in China next year, the Beijing Evening News reported today. Guangzhou has already become the manufacturer's third global EV test drive center, with its goal to promote localization and domestic research and development.

Honda, in partnership with GAC and the city of Guangzhou, held a EV test drive event in the city last week. The star model of the event was a lithium ion battery-powered Honda Fit (pictured) using engine technology from the FCX Clarity. A 200 volt outlet could recharge the car in less than six hours. The EV can attain a minimum driving distance of 150 km on one full charge.

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