Shanghai's Disneyland will Have a Chinese Flavor


Shanghai's Disneyland will be cheaper than its counterpart in Hong Kong and Chinese features will complement the brand's traditional style, a local official said yesterday.

Dai Haibo, deputy director of the Pudong New Area government, said ticket prices would be below Hong Kong Disneyland's 300-plus yuan. That will be welcome news for the millions of visitors the park is expected to attract each year after it opens in 2015.

Officials believe setting reasonable ticket prices will boost the attraction, especially among the domestic market.

The first phase of the new Disneyland will cover 3.9 square kilometers and lie at the heart of a 20-square-kilometer Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone in Pudong. The project is currently under construction.

Dai said "Chinese elements" would be used in the design of the new park to distinguish Shanghai Disneyland from others around the world.

"During our preliminary survey, we found some Disneyland parks overseas did have some Chinese-styled attractions but they were not original enough. We will have the future local park featuring authentic Chinese elements well blended into Disneyland's signature style," Dai said.

In a 100-square-kilometer area around the park, the government will make sure only businesses in line with the function of the park will be licensed.

"For example, no operations related to heavy industry will be allowed to open inside the reserved outskirts as it obviously violates the interests of the tourism zone," Dai said. 

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