Automated solution for data analysis to simplify workflow


Singapore, Jan 17, 2012: Medical technology company, AB SCIEX and automated data analysis solution provider Indigo BioSystems have announced an agreement to jointly market mass spectrometry solutions that streamline data acquisition and automate data review to ensure high quality results in clinical research and forensic toxicology as well as pre-clinical and clinical trials of new drugs.

Under the terms of the agreement, AB SCIEX is combining its industry-leading mass spectrometry platforms with Indigo BioSystems’s expert system software ASCENT with new-generation algorithms to simplify the use of mass spectrometry for those who are accustomed to using easy-to-use lab analyzers.  ASCENT adds value by automating the processing and review of data generated on AB SCIEX mass spectrometry systems, which deliver the most accurate data possible with identification, quantitation and confirmation uniquely rolled up in a single workflow.

“Automation is an important step to accelerate the adoption of new-generation mass spectrometry for clinical research, forensics and clinical trials,” said Joe Anacleto, Vice President of Applied Markets and Clinical Research, AB SCIEX.  “We are striving to make mass spectrometry as easy to use as possible for researchers analyzing steroids, pain panels, drugs of abuse and an expanding variety of substances.  Our relationship with Indigo BioSystems allows us to bring LC/MS/MS solutions to researchers who may not ordinarily consider mass spectrometry but can now have the assurance of a simplified workflow while getting all the attractive benefits of LC/MS/MS technology.”

“By embedding the knowledge of assay experts into the analysis software, we provide the foundation for smarter research laboratories,” said Indigo CEO Raul Zavaleta.  “We are pleased to be partnering with the industry leader in LC/MS/MS to achieve this goal.”

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